Westworld Season 5: Is coming or has the HBO series been canceled shortly before the finale?

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Westworld Season 5 is supposed to be the finale of the science fiction series, but so far the future of the HBO production hangs in the balance.

  • “Westworld” Season 4 ended in August 2020, but fans are still waiting in vain for a renewal.
  • A 5th season would mark the end of the sci-fi series, with one final story arc remaining.
  • At Comic-Con in New York, Jonathan Nolan explained that HBO still has not decided.

“Westworld” always fell short of the high expectations of US broadcaster HBO. Nevertheless, four lavishly produced seasons were created, which did not all go down well with the audience. Now the future of the series is on the line. Will “Westworld” get a 5th season?

Westworld Season 5: Release date

Between two “Westworld” seasons always passed just under 2 years, season 5 should therefore expect us, should it come, in 2024. Since the ratings dropped with each new season, HBO could pull the plug after season 4, on the other hand it would be extremely annoying for fans if the story ends so shortly before the finale. In addition, it is not known whether “Westworld” is more popular on HBO Max, at least in the stream, and whether it is worth renewing for that alone.

At any rate, at the New York Comic-Con in October 2022, showrunner Jonathan Nolan could not yet confirm that a 5th season will come, negotiations with HBO are still ongoing. Anything is still possible, but the long wait for an extension is not a good sign.

Westworld Season 5: Plot

In season 5 of “Westworld,” Earth is almost completely deserted. The Hosts live in the Sublime, with Caleb alone remaining as Host. While it looks like Caleb will die soon at the end of season 4, who knows.

In addition, a few people are still alive, but mainly season 5 of “Westworld” will probably take place in the Sublime. Dolores starts a test there, although it’s not quite clear yet what this test will look like. However, we already know that Dolores has adapted the look of the Sublime to Westworld.

Westworld Season 5: Cast

“Westworld” has often had characters die, only to bring them back shortly after. The concept of Hosts makes it possible. Thus, both William and Host William are dead, yet one should not rule out the possibility that Ed Harris will be seen again in a 5th season after all.

The same goes for Thandiwe Newton as Meave and Jeffrey Wright as Bernard. It is certain that we will see Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores and James Marsden as Teddy again. For all the other actors and actresses, it probably depends on whether they are interested in returning.

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