The Walking Dead season 11: Here’s why Sebastian Milton is even worse in the comics than he is on the show

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The Walking Dead season 11 introduces Sebastian Milton as an unpleasant fellow. However, in the comics he plays an important role. We’ll tell you his fate.

  • Sebastian Milton is the son of Commonwealth Governor Pamela Milton.
  • Not only in the AMC series “The Walking Dead” he is an unpleasant fellow. He’s even more unlikable in the comic book original.
  • We reveal how Sebastian meets his end in the comics.

The Walking Dead Season 11 also introduces plenty of new protagonists and protagonists with the Commonwealth. Among them is Sebastian Milton (Teo Rapp-Olsson), who has now met his untimely end in episode 18.

Sebastian Milton is the son of the Governor of the Commonwealth, Pamela Milton. The young man takes full advantage of his privileged situation. For example, he has the weapons of the newcomers handed over to him so that he can choose the best pieces. All that matters to him is his image. He constantly wants to prove himself, especially in front of his powerful mother.

Anyone who dares to make him look weak risks having to deal with the Commonwealth military. In the course of the season, his bad character is revealed again and again. He sends soldiers who are a thorn in his side on a suicide mission in a zombie-infested house to get rid of them.

But Daryl, Eugene, Connie and Co. soon find out about his machinations. They make public what the governor’s son is up to. During a speech, Eugene and Stephanie play a recording in which Sebastian admits that he hates Commonwealth residents. A riot ensues in which Sebastian is ultimately mauled by a zombie.

His death was a satisfaction for many TWD fans. In the comics, unfortunately, Sebastian is up to his mischief for much longer and provides the most tragic death of the entire comic series.

Here’s what the comics reveal about Sebastian Milton

The Walking Dead Season 11
The Walking Dead Season 11 © AMC

Sebastian Milton is the final antagonist of the comic books. Throughout the course of the story, he proves time and again what a spoiled, lazy and full of himself person he is. This doesn’t change even when there is a revolution in the Commonwealth, which turns against the class society of the Miltons.

Rick Grimes even tries to save him and Pamela, fearing that the angry Commonwealth men and women will make short work of them. The Miltons flee to Greenville, only to return shortly after with an army.

Pamela Milton accuses Rick of making common cause with Mercer, only to overthrow her and get rid of her. She orders the army to attack, but Rick is able to defuse the situation. He calls on the people to vote democratically on whether Pamela Milton should remain in office. Pamela loses the election and is arrested by Mercer and taken to jail.

That night, Rick is roused from his sleep. Sebastian is standing in front of him with a gun. Rick is unable to reason with him and is shot by Sebastian. A few days later Sebastian is caught. Carl sentences him to life in prison because Sebastian only pretends to regret his crime. But he regrets much more having been caught.

Since Sebastian Milton died in episode 18 of “The Walking Dead” season 11, the other characters who have followed in Rick’s footsteps since Andrew Lincoln’s departure from the series are safe from a similar death for now. Pamela Milton, however, has her sights set on Eugene, whom she blames for Sebastian’s death.

The Walking Dead Season 11: Part 3 starts on Disney+ – then the series finale rises

The Walking Dead season 11: Here's why Sebastian Milton is even worse in the comics than he is on the show
The Walking Dead Season 11 © AMC

Part 3 of the 11th season of “The Walking Dead” starts on Disney+. From October 3, a new episode will start weekly on the streaming service. Also, the series finale of “The Walking Dead” can be seen already on Disney+ from November 20, 2022.

The 11th season of “The Walking Dead” is starting its final third, bringing the final episode of the zombie series ever closer. On these dates, the final episodes of the series start.

That those who are dead live longer is an important basic rule in “The Walking Dead” that helps the living survive. After 11 seasons, however, the AMC series itself will probably be laid to rest: with the third part of the repeatedly paused last season, the final episodes of the hit series will premiere on Disney+.

The first episode of the last third of season 11 will start on October 3, 2022, and the remaining seven episodes will then go online on Disney+ at weekly intervals. Until November 21, 2022 – that’s when the big series finale of “The Walking Dead” is scheduled.

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