King of Stonks Season 2: Will It Renewed?

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Philipp Kässbohrer and Matthias Murmann are the creators of the German-language television series “King of Stonks.” Felix Armand, the COO of Cable Cash, the largest publicly traded fintech company in Germany, serves as its focal point. When Felix tries to ensure the success of his business, he encounters several obstacles and egos. However, he frequently makes unethical choices as a result of the process.

The captivating series satirizes the startup and financial industries. If you watched the first season of the show and became engrossed in the extraordinary scandals surrounding Cable Cash, you must be searching for information regarding a second season. So here is everything you need to know about season 2 of “King of Stonks”!

King of Stonks Season 2 Potential Release Date

King of Stonks Season 2: Will It Renewed?
King of Stonks © Netflix

Season 1 of “King of Stonks” was made available on Netflix on July 6, 2022. There are six episodes in the first season, and they last between 45 and 50 minutes each. On the same day, every episode was released on the streaming platform. Critics gave the first season largely favorable reviews.

Now, in terms of a second season, the producers have so far remained mum. Additionally, Netflix (Love and Anarchy Season 3) has not yet added another season to the series. Though it is still early, the streaming juggernaut will probably wait a while to evaluate the performance of the show before deciding on its future.

Season 1’s cliffhanger ending raises the possibility that there will be a second season. A second season might be approved in the coming months if the show reaches Netflix’s (Control Z Season 4) viewing goals. So, it’s possible that the new season’s filming will start in 2023. Therefore, the second season of “King of Stonks” could premiere in 2024’s second quarter.

King of Stonks Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

Thomas Schubert plays Cable Cash COO Felix Armand in season 1 of “King of Stonks,” and Matthias Brandt plays the CEO’s power-hungry rival Magnus A. Cramer. The other members of the primary cast include Andreas Döhler as Tom Wieland, Altine Emini as Sascha, Sophia Mercedes Burtscher as Alex Ericcson, and Larissa Sirah Herden as Sheila Williams.

Most of the key cast members are anticipated to return for a potential “King of Stonks” season 2. Recurring cast members including Nino Porzio (Vito), Ali Salman (Fabian Hermann), and Wilson Gonzalez (Till Hermann) are also set to return to their roles. Additionally, the cast of the second season will include a few new actors.

King of Stonks Filming Locations

Berlin, Germany

Berlin, the capital and greatest city of Germany, serves as the backdrop for a number of crucial scenes in the gripping series. Aerial vistas of the metropolis are frequently included in the program, with the Berlin Television Tower (Fernsehturm Berlin) sticking out. The production crew reportedly shot numerous significant inside scenes in and around Berlin in addition to the exterior shots.

Cologne, Germany

The biggest city in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Cologne (Köln), looks to be where the actors and crew of “King of Stonks” even set up camp. The first season of the German show apparently featured significant filming in the Cologne suburb of Bilderstöckchen. The production crew is also said to have recorded a few significant shots in Chorweiler, Cologne’s sixth borough.

Düsseldorf, Germany

Aside from the aforementioned, some of “King of Stokes” apparently took place in Düsseldorf, the North Rhine-Westphalia region’s capital and a hub for fashion and finance. The Rhine River divides it in two, and the beautiful 13th-century architecture is notably evident in Altstadt, the city’s historic core. The Rhenish carnival, which Düsseldorf is known for holding and draws several tourists to each Spring.

King of Stonks Season 2 Plot: What can it be About?

Felix tries to prevent Cable Cash’s stock values from plunging to an all-time low in the inaugural season of “King of Stonks.” Magnus’ bizarre behavior has a significant negative impact on the company’s stock and reputation at the same time. Finally, Felix obtains control over Magnus and prevents the company’s fraudulent tactics from being revealed, making him the brains behind Cable Cash. The largest opponent of Cable Cash, Deutsche Bank, now has Alex as its new CEO.

The fallout from Alex joining Deutsche Bank will probably be the focus of the second season. She possesses information that might damage her rival as the former legal director of Cable Cash. However, Felix and Magnus are not going down without a fight, which creates the opportunity for some intriguing business strategies. In the interim, Felix and Magnus may go on their egotistical pursuit for dominance and power within Cable Cash. Sheila might decide to exact revenge on Felix after his activities ruin her career as a short seller elsewhere.

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