The Walking Dead season 11: Episode 20 – Badass Carol is back to make short work of it all

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The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 20 shows us Carol as we know and love her. After a series of mysterious kidnappings take place, Carol and Daryl team up again to help their friends.

  • Pamela Milton wants revenge in episode 20 and wants to get rid of all of Eugene’s friends.
  • But she didn’t count on Carol and Daryl.
  • Together with Lance Hornsby, the two form a search party to free their friends.

Episode 20 of “The Walking Dead” season 11 focuses on our dream duo Daryl and Carol, but also Yumiko’s work for Pamela Milton is examined in more detail.

The episode starts off quite idyllic with Carol at the Commonwealth bakery. She gets a visit from Ezekiel and the two chat. But suddenly two men break in and try to kidnap her. Ezekiel is taken away, but Carol is able to escape.

Kidnappings in the Commonwealth

She quickly seeks out Daryl, but he is having similar problems right now. Together they fight two attackers and then try to free the children who have already been kidnapped.

Governor Pamela Milton is behind the kidnappings. She wants revenge for the death of her son Sebastian and wants to put all the blame on Eugene. Therefore, everyone who has anything to do with Eugene must also suffer. They are to be removed from the Commonwealth and dealt with outside.

Daryl and Carol quickly find out Pamela’s plan and realize that only Lance Hornsby can help them. But the latter is currently in prison, next to an undead Sebastian Milton. Carol and Daryl manage to free him, though. During their escape, Daryl gets separated from the others and Carol has to team up with Lance alone.

Lance tries to convince Carol to let him have the Commonwealth once Pamela is overthrown. However, Carol doesn’t go along with his empty talk. Daryl rejoins them and they release Lance because he is no longer any help to them. Hornsby still reveals to them that there is a train leaving the city and the two of them want to go in search of it.

Lance has only gone a few steps and finds an abandoned military jeep. He grabs a rifle inside and aims it at Daryl and Carol. But Carol is faster and shoots an arrow right through his neck. They leave him for dead.

Yumiko and the abductees

In another plot line, we see that Pamela Milton forces Yumiko to give a speech in which she declares that she will punish and prosecute Eugene by all legal means. Yumiko spontaneously changes the speech to make it clear to the Commonwealth residents that she will defend Eugene.

In the last scene of the episode, we see numerous people with bags over their heads being driven away tied up in a military jeep. They are sedated one by one with a syringe by a Commonwealth soldier. Among them is Ezekiel.

In episode 21, we will see Ezekiel free himself from his captivity. To do so, he joins forces with Negan and Maggie. The episode can be seen from Monday, 24.10.2022, on Disney+.

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