The Terminal List Ending, Explained: Is Ben Edwards Really Dead?

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The 2018 novel of the same name by American author and former Navy SEAL Jack Carr inspired the creation of the military action thriller series “The Terminal List.” It is a continuing installment in the “Terminal List” series. Lt. Commander James Reece, a well-liked Navy SEAL platoon commander, is the subject of the show, which is portrayed by Chris Pratt and Streaming on Amazon Prime Video (The Terminal List Season 2).

Reece vows to kill everyone to blame when his teammates and family are killed. The list that Reece keeps on the back of one of his daughter’s drawings gives the program its name. The more names he adds, the more the mystery surrounding the brutal murders of his loved ones is revealed. He also understands that a big conspiracy is to blame for all that is occurring to him. Here is all the information you require regarding “The Terminal List” season 1’s conclusion.

Spoilers ahead!

The Terminal List Season 1 Recap

The Terminal List
The Terminal List © Prime Video

When the series begins, Reece and his squad are preparing to travel to Aleppo, Syria, for a mission. For a very long time, they have been looking for Chemical Kahani, an Iranian expert in chemical weapons. According to the intelligence, he is now finally in the hands of US soldiers. But the project quickly becomes a terrible failure. Most of Reece’s soldiers are dead. Along with Ernest “Boozer” Vickers, he is the only one to succeed in escaping. Just before returning to the US, war writer Katie Buranek (Constance Wu) questions Reece about the mission. Reece, of course, says nothing.

After moving back to Coronado, California, where he lives with his wife Lauren (Riley Keough) and daughter Lucy, Reece begins to have headaches, paranoia, memory issues, and hallucinations (Arlo Mertz). Since Lauren thinks Reece hasn’t entirely healed from the concussion he suffered during the trip, she suggests that he visit a neurologist. Boozer appears to kill himself in the interim, but Reece is skeptical.

He realizes that his health is far worse than he first thought and goes to the doctor at last. But while Reece is there, the building is attacked by two masked assailants. One of them is killed by Reece, and the other is hurt, prompting it to run away. Reece is not killed, but the doctor is. After learning that the attackers have his gun, Reece returns home and finds Lauren and Lucy shot to death.

A small part of Reece questions whether he killed his wife and daughter. He dismisses that fact and convinces himself that Kahani’s goons were responsible. But Secretary of Defense Lorraine Hartley (Jeanne Tripplehorn), whom Reece had previously met at Boozer’s funeral, informs him of Kahani’s passing.

Reece begins to believe that Josh Holder, the NCIS agent in charge of his wife and daughter’s case, is one of the murderers. With the help of his best friend Ben Edwards (Taylor Kitsch), a former SEAL and CIA agent, Reece enters Holder’s residence. Holder did give Saul Agnon information about Reece and his family, despite the fact that he now knows he didn’t kill his wife and daughter (Sean Gunn).

In the third episode, “Consolidation,” Reece runs into Katie and tells her about Agnon, who he has learned is the Vice President of Asset Management at Capstone Industries, a company with a 60 billion dollar investment pool. Agnon is the vice president of Capstone Industries. The focus of the episode is Agnon.

There have been several discoveries made by Katie. She acquired Reece’s medical records and provided a neurologist with them for evaluation. Reece has a walnut-sized brain tumor at the node bridging the amygdala and the hippocampus. Headaches, paranoia, and memory issues are some of its symptoms—exactly what Reece has been experiencing. When she and Reece are fired upon by an assassin, she discovers that Reece was telling the truth all along.

Reece is supported as he tenaciously seeks vengeance by Ben, former Army pilot Liz Riley (Tyner Rushing), and Mexican businessman Marco Del Toro (Marco Rodriguez). Reece and Katie learn that Steve Horn (Jai Courtney) is the mastermind behind the entire scheme. Katie wants to spread awareness of Horn, but she quickly realizes that Reece won’t be satisfied with that.

Reece kills Holder, Agnon, Marcus Boykin—the final assassin to kill Lauren and Lucy—Horn, Commander Bill Cox, JAG Captain Howard, and Admiral Gerald Pillar in the season 1 finale before turning his attention to Hartley. Like the others, she played a part in what happened to his family and fellow troops. Reece also learns that the CIA was the place where the Kahani material came from.

The Terminal list Season 1 Ending: Is Ben Edwards Dead?

The Terminal List Ending, Explained: Is Ben Edwards Really Dead?
The Terminal List © Prime Video

Ben Edwards did really die. Reece and Katie learn that RD 4895 was a drug developed by Nubellum Pharmaceuticals, a Capstone subsidiary, with the goal of preventing PTSD by preventing the imprinting of trauma on the brain. Horn hurried the human trial even though the tests on rats and dogs had been successful.

Reece and his soldiers received the drug thanks to a deal that Howard, Pillar, and Cox negotiated. Before understanding the SEALs had brain tumors, they sent them on the lethal operation. Unlike other people, Hartley refused Horn’s offer of payment because she was really interested in treating her father’s PTSD. She was prepared to go to any length to accomplish her objectives.

Katie tells Reece that Oberon Analytics, a strange business whose name was discovered in Horn’s computer, is routing through a bank in Peru after Hartley commits suicide. Ben had already disclosed to Reece his intention to live out his later years in Máncora, Peru.

This ends up being the season’s last surprise and the final puzzle piece. Ben admits that after learning about the tumors, he made the decision to broadcast false information because he thought his former allies would prefer to run when Reece encountered them while still wearing their boots. Obviously, his $20 million pay from Capstone had a significant impact on his choice.

Reece hasn’t spared anyone on the list, even if we can’t quite see him fire the shot, therefore Ben is probably dead. Reece seems to have found some peace with Ben’s passing. He gives Lucy’s drawing one last kiss and holds it in his hands before throwing it into the river.

Where Is Reece Heading?

The Terminal List Ending, Explained: Is Ben Edwards Really Dead?
The Terminal List © Prime Video

Ben’s sailboat contains a map that Reece finds. Reece appears to be headed in that direction based on the shot’s concentration on Mozambique. Raife Hastings, a friend of Reece’s, lives in Mozambique with his extended family. Raife never really appeared in the first season of “The Terminal List,” despite being regularly mentioned. The perfect stage has been created for season 2 to follow.

In “True Believer,” the second book in the “Terminal List” series, Reece crosses the Atlantic Ocean to reach the Niassa Game Reserve in Mozambique, where Raife’s uncle owns a business called RH Safaris. He spends a few months with the Hastings family until the US government starts looking for him to tackle a problem that is developing in Europe.

The television show also omits a different section of Carr’s original novel. The epilogue reveals that Reece’s tumor is benign. He received a voicemail from a clinic doctor, but the FBI is currently holding his phone. It’s not until chapter 31 of the second book that Reece finds out about it. The second season will likely have some bearing on the story if it occurs.

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