Firefly Lane: This is why Kate and Tully fought

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By the end of Firefly Lane, Tully and Kate’s friendship has collapsed. You can read here what led to the argument between the two friends from the Netflix series.

  • Season 1 of “Firefly Lane” ends on a huge cliffhanger.
  • Tully and Kate have fallen out so badly that Kate doesn’t even want to see her former best friend at her father’s funeral.
  • The reason for the dispute tells us the book of the same name by Kristin Hannah.

Firefly Lane,” starring Katherine Heigl as Tully and Sarah Chalke as Kate, was a huge hit for Netflix. A second season is almost certain. And this is also needed because the first season ends with a huge cliffhanger: The best friends had a huge argument.

However, the reason for this dispute is not shown. But it’s been bad enough that Kate doesn’t even want to see Tully at her father’s funeral. The book by Kristin Hannah tells us what could have happened there. Warning, spoilers follow!

Already in the series, we learn that Kate will be Tully’s new producer. This also happens in the book. With Kate’s problems with her teenage daughter Marah getting worse and Tully on good terms with Marah, Tully proposes something special. Marah and Kate are both scheduled to appear on their show The Girlfriend Hour and talk about their issues.

But Tully secretly makes a change to the segment. She invites a psychologist over to talk about how domineering and controlling mothers can hurt a teenager’s psyche.

Kate feels betrayed by her best friend, who portrays her as a bad mother on live TV and takes the side of 14-year-old Marah. She can’t forgive Tully for this and Johnny, who in the book is still the show’s producer at the time, resigns on the spot.

It remains to be seen whether this will also happen in the series. But it’s entirely possible, as Tully has already betrayed Kate about Marah before by secretly helping Marah get on the pill. A second season of “Firefly Lane” is sure to clear up the mystery.

Firefly Lane: Plot

Always There For You Season 2
Firefly Lane: Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke © Netflix

Tully and Kate meet in 1974 when they are both 14 years old. They both desperately need a friend and become friends. Their friendship continues well into adulthood, even though their lives are very different. Tully is a career woman, a TV journalist, and Kate is a housewife and mother. Together they master the ups and downs of life.

Firefly Lane: Cast

Firefly Lane: This Is Why Kate And Tully Fought
Firefly Lane © Netflix

The main roles in the series are played by Katherine Heigl (” Grey’s Anatomy “) and Sarah Chalke (” Scrubs “).

Also starring Ben Lawson (” Dead Girls Don’t Lie “) as Johnny, Ali Skovbye as young Tully, Roan Curtis (“The Magicians”) as young Kate, Yael Yurman (” The Man in the High Castle “) as Marah, and Beau Garrett (” Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce “) as Cloud.

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