The Secret Benedict Society Season 2: Brings you new crazy adventures to Disney+

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The Secret Benedict Society season 2 has landed on Disney+ – but there will be fewer episodes to watch in it than in the first run.

  • On October 26, the second season of “The Secret Benedict Society” will launch on Disney+.
  • However, the mystery series returns with only seven new episodes – there were eight in the first season.
  • The second run will start with a double episode, after which a new episode will be added weekly.

The second season of “The Secret Benedict Society” continues the story of the extraordinary orphans who had to take on the narcoleptic villain Dr. Curtain in the first run.

The finale of season 1 already revealed that the evil twin brother of their mentor Mr. Benedict is already concocting further sinister plans. From October 26, 2022, you’ll find out what they may be in the new episodes.

However, there is a little less of the secret Benedict society to see than last year: The 2nd season contains only 7 episodes instead of 8. But the new season starts on Disney+ but also with a double episode, while the remaining episodes are then added weekly.

The Secret Benedict Society Season 2: Storyline

At the end of Season 1, the Benedict Society is able to thwart Mr. Curtain’s evil plans. Constance Contraire uses her psychic powers to stop the Whisperer, Number Two and Rhonda reconcile and start a friendship or maybe a romance and Kate and Reynie find loving adoptive parents while Sticky attends his dream school.

So in Season 2 we will see how Number Two and Rhonda’s relationship develops and how Kate and Reynie fare with their adoptive parents and how Sticky settles into his dream school.

The Secret Benedict Society Season 2: Cast

The four orphans will be cast by Marta Timofeeva (as Constance Contraire), Mystic Inscho (as Reynie Muldoon), Emmy DeOliveira (as Kate Weatherall) and Seth Carr (as Sticky Washington). Joining them are Tony Hale (“A Series of Unfortunate Events”) as twin brothers Mr. Benedict & Mr. Curtain, “The Last Man on Earth” – actress Kristen Schaal as Number Two, Gia Sandhu as Ms. Perumal and Ryan Hurst , among others ( Beta in “The Walking Dead“) as Milligan on camera.

The Secret Benedict Society Season 2: Production

The series is produced by production companies 20th Television, Sonar Entertainment and Fanfare. The Secret Benedict Society is based on Trenton Lee Stewart’s young adult novels of the same name.

The Secret Benedict Society: Alternatives

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