The Klutzy Witch: First teaser video for the film released

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A first teaser video has now been released for the upcoming anime film adaptation of the children’s book “Rakudai Majo” (English: The Klutzy Witch or Failure Witch) by Satoko Narita. You can find the clip further down in the article.

The film is scheduled to premiere in spring 2023. Takayuki Hamana (including The Prince of Tennis) will direct at studio Production I.G. Kiyoko Yoshimura (u.a. takt op. Destiny, Granblue Fantasy the Animation) takes care of the script of the film, while Marumi Sugita (animation director for Asteroid in Love, among others) contributes the character designs.

The book series “Rakudai Majo” by Satoko Narita with illustration by Enaga Senno is published by the Japanese publisher Poplar. In the story, the witch apprentice Fūka is accompanied on her adventures in terms of magic and love. The first volume, “Rakudai Majo wa Princess” (Failure Witch is a Princess), was published in October 2006. The franchise includes 17 novels and a book of short stories. The most recent novel, “Rakudai Majo to Yami no Kyūden” (Failure Witch and the Palace of Darkness), was published in October 2013.

The Klutzy Witch Teaser Video

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