Sweet Tooth Season 2: The plot & the ending explained

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Ending Explained

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What happens in the 2nd season of the Netflix series “Sweet Tooth“? Here you will find a plot summary that will answer all your questions about the end of the second season.

“Sweet Tooth” was quickly renewed for a second season due to its popularity. After a two-year hiatus, the thrilling fantasy drama returns with its second season, and fans are eagerly awaiting Gus’ new adventures. The second season of Sweeth Tooth was released on April 27, 2023. A few days later, on May 3, 2023, Netflix announced the renewal of Sweet Tooth Season 3.

The plot of the second season of “Sweet Tooth”

The Plot Of The Second Season Of Sweet Tooth
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For almost a year, Gus has lived in solitude when Big Man (Thomas Jepperd) unexpectedly entered his life. Unaware of the world outside his neighborhood, Gus hoped that Jepperd’s company would lead him to his mother, who he believes lives in Colorado.

Life has inflicted many losses on Jepperd, which is why he avoids forming relationships. He insists that Gus is just a job, and once he is put on the train to Colorado, their relationship is over.

Jepperd’s distance diminishes, however, when he discovers his fatherly affection for Gus. When Gus is captured by Abbot’s troops, Jepperd is determined to find him before it is too late.

Aimee, who previously saved Jepperd’s life, joins him and enlists the help of his contacts in Factory Town to free Gus from Abbot’s clutches.

When they get there, they discover that his contacts perished long ago.

Aimee mentions the Air Lords, a group that rescues abandoned hybrids and takes them to a specific location, from where Aimee then escorts them to the shelter.

With the assistance of the Air Lords, they plan an attack on the reservation, which used to be Aimee’s sanctuary and is now ruled by the despotic General Abbot.

The reservation has become Abbot’s stronghold, where he conducts his business and holds Dr. Aditya Singh and his wife Rani to force Aditya to develop a cure for the virus. Abbot’s goal is to gain control over the leaders of the three families. Despite the pressure, Aditya knows that developing a vaccine in such a short time is a daunting challenge.

The ending of Sweet Tooth Season 2 explained

The Ending Of Sweet Tooth Season 2 Explained
© Netflix

Can Dr. Aditya develop a cure for the H5G9 virus?

Dr. Aditya and his wife Rani, who are under the control of General Abbot, are under a lot of pressure. With Rani’s life in danger, Aditya is desperate to find a cure for her. Developing a cure for a deadly virus is a daunting task, and despite being in possession of Dr. Bell’s research, Aditya struggles to make a breakthrough.

Aditya discovers the chickens that Dr. Miller had studied and uses them to create antigens and antibodies. Over the course of the second season of “Sweet Tooth,” the combination of these antibodies with Dr. Bell’s secret recipe leads to the destruction of the deadly virus.

Aditya is overjoyed as General Abbot makes plans to collaborate with the three families on his dream project, Evergreen, which involves building a self-sufficient housing community. Their joy is short-lived, however, as Aditya’s vision of restoring his wife’s health is dashed by the unexpected reappearance of the virus in the test results.

Throughout the second season of “Sweet Tooth,” Aditya fails to develop a cure for the H5G9 virus. His increasing obsession and frustration take a toll on his sanity, causing Rani to distance herself from him because she finds his ethically questionable practices questionable.

Rani cannot condone the killing of innocent hybrids and realizes that they are not abominations, but perhaps more human than humans themselves.

After the Air Lords raid and Aimee destroys the lab, Aditya realizes he has no choice but to leave.

At the end of season 2 of “Sweet Tooth,” Aditya arrives at Gus’ forest home and discovers a confidential document from Fort Smith that mentions a place in Alaska called Agvagniagvik.

In the upcoming third season, Dr. Aditya may travel to Alaska to find a cure for his wife.

Will Abbot bring all the hybrids under his control?

Will Abbot Bring All The Hybrids Under His Control
© Netflix

When General Abbot takes control of the reservation, he has two main goals. First, he wants to find an antidote to the virus and enlists the help of Indian couple Aditya and Rani. Second, he is trying to convince the three families to buy into his Evergreen housing project.

Abbot views the hybrids with disdain, believing them to be mere things and blaming them for the spread of the virus.

As a child, Abbot grows up with a strict father and a mother who constantly asks him to protect his younger brother, Johnny. This upbringing may have turned Abbot into a bitter alpha male who harbors a deep-seated animosity that now manifests itself in his questionable ventures.

Abbot has meticulously crafted his strategy and intends to initiate mass production of the vaccine and establish his utopia once the heads of the three families accept his proposal.

But the intervention of Aimee and the Airlords upsets his plans. In the midst of the Airlords’ air raid, Aimee and Jepperd invade Abbot’s fortress and free the hybrids.

Enraged, Abbot vows to recapture the hybrids and eliminate all opposition.

As they help Aimee and Jepperd bring the hybrids to safety, Becky and her army of animals unwittingly draw Abbot’s wrath.

Abbot shows no mercy and kills the members of the animal army, although Tiger, a friend of Becky’s, manages to warn her of the impending danger before he falls victim to it.

Johnny often thinks about abandoning his brother, but does not have the courage to confront him about the immorality of his actions.

Rani notices the marked difference in the two brothers’ behavior, which prompts her to invite Johnny to accompany her when she leaves.

While Abbot prepares his mercenaries for the final confrontation, Johnny decides to leave unnoticed and pack his things. But Abbot intercepts him and takes him to the Yellowstone Forest Reserve, where Gus and the other hybrids are hiding.

Is Johnny dying?

Is Johnny Dying
© Netflix

Johnny pulls out a gun and tells Abbot to stop his relentless pursuit, knowing that the hybrids are innocent and not the cause of the virus. Johnny emphasizes the damage humans have done to Earth, claiming that humanity itself is the villain they want to eliminate.

Abbot allows Johnny to leave and orders his troops to withdraw. But when Johnny turns away, Abbot shoots him, showing no remorse even after killing his brother.

What is the fate of Abbot? Does he die?

What Is The Fate Of Abbot Does He Die
© Netflix

Abbot then heads into the woods where Gus, Aimee and Jepperd lie in wait. The general’s mercenaries are decimated, leaving him to rely only on himself. Convinced of his invincibility, Abbot fails to recognize the power of nature.

Nature has her own methods for reclaiming her territory and restoring balance. At the hands of a herd of bison, Abbot is badly wounded. He manages to fire one last crossbow bolt at Gus before succumbing to his injuries and ending his tyrannical rule.

Will Gus find his mother, Birdie?

Will Gus Find His Mother, Birdie
© Netflix

At the end of “Sweet Tooth” Season 2, we learn that Dr. Gertrude Miller, or Birdie, is still alive. She accidentally contacts Becky, who learns about Birdie’s message for Gus, which is hidden on a cassette tape in her attic.

Birdie wants Gus to know that her absence was not voluntary, but that she had to travel to a faraway place to save the world.

Birdie’s search began after Dr. Gillian Washington’s revelation that the answers can be found in Alaska, the same place where Birdie’s great-grandfather, Dr. James Thacker, had searched for a cure for his own illness.

As the chaos unfolds, Birdie and Gillian realize that Gus plays a crucial role in the story and that his fate is preordained. To ensure the safety of Gus and Richard, Birdie is forced to distance herself.

At the end of Season 2, Becky comes across a clue to Birdie’s whereabouts in the storybook Richard created for Gus. The pages of the book lead her to believe that Birdie is in Alaska.

Is Aimee dying?

Is Aimee Dying
© Netflix

After Aimee’s tragic death from the virus, Wendy feels compelled to help find a cure and joins Gus, Becky and Jepperd in a search for Birdie.

The Anderson family ensures the safety of Wendy’s siblings as the group confronts the unknown, united and prepared for whatever challenges arise.

The eventual third season of “Sweet Tooth” will reveal whether Gus is reunited with his mother and whether they can finally find a cure.

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