Dom Season 2: Everything We Know

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Many people are already hoping for a second season of Dom, which has just been premiered on Amazon Prime Video. How much do we currently know about Dom Season 2?

The first original scripted series from Brazil did not dissapoint. It’s a grim story based on a real incident. You’ll be curious about the series’ continuation now that you’ve reached the conclusion. If there is a future, then that is.

The show’s future is still up in the air on Amazon. The fact that the streamer hasn’t decided yet is not entirely unexpected. The show did, after all, just premiere on Friday, June 4! Making a judgment about the show on Amazon can take weeks.

We’re examining what is known about Dom Season 2 while we wait. Make sure to bookmark this page since we’ll update it as new information becomes available.

Will There Be Season 2 of Dom?

Dom Season 2: Everything We Know
Dom © Amazon Prime Video

Given the success of the previous season, it appears that there is a good likelihood for the web series to return, though neither Amazon nor the showrunners have officially confirmed it. As of right now, nothing is known regarding whether or not the series will return with a second season. It appears that there will be a delay before an official announcement is made to the public.

The show needs to be renewed soon because audiences are impatiently awaiting the next episode.

When is Dom Season 2 Premiering? 

Dom Season 2: Everything We Know
Dom © Amazon Prime Video

Unfortunately, Amazon has not yet confirmed the crime thriller web series. Consequently, a precise air date has not yet been disclosed.

Fans can anticipate the second season of Dom to premiere sometime in 2023 if it is renewed by 2022.

The Cast of Dom Season 2: Who Will Return?

Dom Season 2: Everything We Know
Dom © Amazon Prime Video

The main cast from the first season can come back for any reason. The majority of the cast will actually need to return for the second season given how things ended. We anticipate the following:

  • Gabriel Leone as Pedro Dom
  • Flávio Tolezani as Victor Dantas
  • Isabella Santoni as Viviane
  • Raquel Villar as Jasmin
  • Paulo de Melo as Biriba

Dom Season 2 Plot: What Can We Expect?

Dom Season 2: Everything We Know
Dom © Amazon Prime Video

Dom’s web series, which is divided into two time periods, is focused on the tale of a father and son who are on the other side of Rio de Janeiro’s drug war. Pedro loses the struggle Victor fought against for a very long time, while Victor, the father, is a military and intelligence agent fighting drug-related criminality.

Fans were left wondering if Amazon Prime would bring Dom back for season 2 after he passed away in the eight episodes of the first season.

The plot will probably continue where it left off in season 2 if it does. Additionally, we can anticipate learning Pedro’s whereabouts, but viewers want to know if Pedro will ever make a comeback. Does he still exist? There is undoubtedly a lot to discover in season 2, and we can only hope that Amazon does.

Where To Watch Dom Season 2?

Dom Season 2: Everything We Know
Dom © Amazon Prime Video

The action/crime series is available on Amazon Prime. Eight episodes totaling 50–60 minutes each make up Season 1. On June 4, 2021, the show’s creators made all of the episodes available on Amazon Prime. It attracted audiences from all around the world due to its captivating plot and direction. It has been translated into 13 languages to reach a wider audience. Don’t let the fun pass you by. Keep checking back for more.

Dom Season 2 Trailer

DOM - Official Trailer | Prime Video

A trailer has not yet been released. That shouldn’t come as a huge surprise because the show hasn’t yet been filmed and hasn’t been renewed. The trailer will be delivered as soon as it shows up, we promise.