Squid Game Star Opens Up On Filming Death Scene

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A new show is about to make the horrific games from Netflix’s Squid Game a reality.

Just two days after Hwang Dong-survival hyuk’s drama received a second season order from the streaming service, a spin-off show has been revealed that will bring the series’ deadly rounds to life. (Thank goodness, without any actual executions!)

The final reward for Squid Game: The Challenge is the highest-ever amount for a reality show at an astounding $4.56 million! The biggest risk, according to Netflix, is not playing.

A global casting search will choose 456 players, just like in the drama series. Anyone interested can submit an application at SquidGameCasting.com, but keep in mind that it will be a very difficult competition.

In games modeled around Squid Game in the UK, players will have to put their physical and mental prowess to the test while also enduring horrifying new creations.

Today (June 14), Netflix (StartUp Season 4) CEO Brandon Riegg stated: “With filmmaker Hwang’s engaging story and memorable graphics, Squid Game grabbed the world by storm. As we transform the imaginary world into reality in this gigantic competition and social experiment, we are grateful for his assistance.

“Fans of the drama series are in for an exciting and surprising adventure as our 456 real-world contestants traverse the biggest competition series ever, full of suspense and turns, with the biggest ever cash reward at the conclusion,” reads a description of the tournament.

In association with 24 Hours in The Garden on A&E, ITV Productions, and Studio Lambert from Gogglebox and The Circle, this 10-episode reality competition is being made for Netflix.

When the original series launched last year, it quickly became Netflix’s most watched program ever, catapulting its cast to international renown. Netflix announced earlier this week that a second season is being created.

Squid Game Star Opens Up On Filming Death Scene

Squid Game
Squid Game © Netflix

Star of the popular television series Squid Game Jung Ho-yeon, who portrays character 067, has said that she experienced a peculiar sense of satisfaction when filming her character’s demise.

Although audiences were fascinated when the Korean thriller aired on Netflix in September 2021, many of the characters we had come to love had to be cruelly killed off due to the games’ lethal nature.

One of those was Ho-character, yeon’s who perished in the final episode after being impaled by a piece of glass. Nevertheless, the actress discovered herself to be pleased while filming it, despite our anguish.

“Maybe it sounds strange to admit it, but I was ecstatic when filming my death scene. According to her, it was the most comfortable scene she had ever experienced. “It’s because I’ve lived with my character for a few months, and when the time comes to let her go, I kind of feel like I can let her go gladly because I can understand,” the author explains.

“Perhaps not completely, but I’m the one who can comprehend her best in this world, therefore I am aware of her tension and am aware of how difficult and difficult her life was. So that wasn’t all that horrible or depressing.”

Ho-yeon recently confessed that, despite her iconic performance in Squid Game and the accompanying praise and prizes, she wasn’t initially happy with her performance and texted director Hwang Dong-hyuk to apologize.

We saw Squid Game before it was released because we had to do some promotion and event work, but she stated, “I thought that… I thought that I f**ked up.”

“I sent director Hwang the following letter after watching Squid Game: “I am really sorry, and thank you so much for casting me.” It was extremely stressful, but I’m not going to cry. I tried to get ready for anything, including the negative responses.”

Since then, Ho-yeon has developed into one of the program’s major breakout stars, winning a SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series and winning over the audience.

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