Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained: Eternal Prison or Infinite love?

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This episode of the Uncanny Counter season had the impression that it was preparing the ground for the conflict between So Mun and Pil-gwang to heat up. Now that both parties appear to be aware of Ju-seok’s precarious condition, the struggle could quickly turn in favor of whichever party can persuade the former firefighter to support them.

We start with three different fights, each of which has a different outcome. So, Mun successfully neutralizes Pil-gwang’s threat, but as a result, he is shot. Ha-na then manages to catch Gelly, but the bad guy flees after suffering an eye damage. Finally, Wong is wrestled against by Mo-tak and Mae-ok, who manage to defeat Wong’s bad spirits in the process. Let’s see how the ending of episode 4 turns out!

Uncanny Counter
Credit: Uncanny Counter/ Netflix

Uncanny counter Episode 4: Counters will face consequences after messing with the evil spirits

After a long day of combat, the other Counters relax, but Jeok-bong sits by himself, depressed. Because Ha-na failed to catch Gelly, his powers are temporarily useless, and he is aware that this could have had expensive consequences.

So Mun and Ha-na then arrive to see Jeok-bong fight back as this is happening. Jeok-bong is forced to carry out his first summon after receiving praise for his efforts. Later, Jeok-bong makes the decision to go back to his home while So Mun informs Wi-Gen of the bad spirits and their desire to possess his abilities.

Gilly informs Pil-gwang about witnessing Min-ji in Ha-na’s recollections when the two are eating a dinner in the interim. The two see an opportunity to annoy the Counters when she then displays the news report pertaining to Jo-seok. The day of Jo-seok’s trial is quickly approaching, and despite his assiduous preparation, Jo-seok disappoints everyone by expressing his desire to kill the person who killed his wife. 

Uncanny Counter Episode 4: Spirit comes with an evil plan to defeat the counters

Jeok-bong is having a crisis and pondering what to do with his circumstances, so Mun and Ha-na decide to work together to bring him back. However, Jeok-bong is thrust into a serious situation when a man named Seong-sik becomes possessed by an evil ghost. He is familiar with Jeok-bong, and when the altercation moves to the farm, the ghost first kills his father before dispatching Jeok-bong by repeatedly striking him in the base of the spine then again in the face.

Something within of him has been sufficiently roused by this blow. In addition to sensing the evil spirit, he can also perceive, smell, and see it. He grabs the Spirit this time with increased vigour and quickly knocks him unconscious with a barrage of punches and kicks.

When Mun and Ha-na arrive, they see Jeok-bong manipulating the Spirit and using an elbow to put him to death. Jeok-bong is granted the honour of calling the spirit and banishing the demon to the Eternal Prison because he is the one who stops him.

Uncanny counter
Credit: Netflix

He can perceive, smell, and see the bad spirit in addition to perceiving it. He soon renders the Spirit unconscious with a barrage of punches and kicks after seizing the Spirit with greater energy this time.

When Mun and Ha-na come, they witness Jeok-bong controlling the Spirit and killing him with an elbow. Because he is the one who stops the demon, Jeok-bong is given the honor of summoning the spirit and casting him into the Eternal Prison.

We can’t wait to unfold the mystery of the Uncanny Counter in the next episode on Netflix.

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