Nineteen To Twenty Episode 4: Will the students break the “No Dating” rule?

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Nineteen to Twenty, a new Korean reality series on Netflix, aims to depict a special period in every young adult’s life. Eight teenagers move into House Nineteen, a residence with just one dating bannable offence.

Before relocating to House Twenty, where the “no dating” rule is lifted, they will spend one week together, from December 24 to December 31, before celebrating their 20th birthdays together. Will these recently turned 20-year-olds find love during this historic event?

The first three episodes of the show were made available on July 11 via Netflix, but the remaining episodes will have to wait. To find out the precise time that new episodes will start streaming and what happened in the 3rd episode of Nineteen To Twenty, keep reading!

nineteen to twenty
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How many episodes Nineteen To Twenty series will have?

The Nineteen To Twenty series on Netflix has total of 13 episodes. The first 3 episodes of the show are already released, while the rest are scheduled for next week.

What can be predicted for episode 4 of the Nineteen To Twenty series?

More assignments will be given to the class in the upcoming episode. The students will be given the opportunity to converse with one another in private. The upcoming episode will be demonstrating that they are gradually getting over their discomfort with approaching others they have just met. It is wonderful to see them in that light.

While some people are disturbed by a specific issue, they are working to find a solution without creating an embarrassing situation. In the cliffhanger that follows in the upcoming episode, Se-yeon must decide between Ji-woo and Ye-rin for the cooking duty. Se-Yeon is someone Ye-rin would like to have on her squad, but only Episode 4 will reveal Se-yeon’s thoughts. It is December 27, 2019. The 20 House is still 4 days away.

What is the precap of episodes 1-3 of the series Nineteen To Twenty?

Since it’s customary in Korea to celebrate birthdays on New Year’s Day, this group of 19-year-olds will approach adulthood together by symbolically turning 20 on January 1st. This series premieres on December 24 with good reason. In light of this, the week they spend together from December 24 to December 31 is considered to be the culmination of their adolescence and the beginning of maturity.

Nineteen to twenty
Credit: Netflix

Participants are informed that there are two clubs at their school that they can join to get to know one another better: the table tennis club and the astronomy club. These clubs meet in various classrooms. We watch them all rushing to the classrooms as the first episode comes to a close. There are two more students added to the class named Jung Ji Woo and Kim Pyeong Seok. Let’s see how the students follow the “No dating” rule while getting to know each other. 

How to watch The Nineteen To Twenty series?

You can watch this new teen show Nineteen To Twenty on Netflix. While the 4th episode is scheduled for 25th July 2023, you can watch the first 3 episode of the series on Netflix now!

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