Behind Your Touch Episode 7 Preview: Detective Moon Loses A Brother

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In the Korean drama Behind Your Touch, an interesting twist reveals that Detective Moon has someone to say to his family. In the last episode, we saw how a crazy incident led to Detective Moon being attacked by someone known. A ruthless officer turns into his loving brother and then loses his brother. Detective Moon’s only family (for that matter) Seung-gil is brutally murdered, Dr. Bo saw him fall like a loser for the first time.

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Behind Your Touch Episode 7: Preview

In the upcoming episode, Detective Moon is very unhappy and will probably leave the town. But before that he is given another case, the streamer who was killed out of nowhere. He might find something soon. Also, some have seen the killer. An identification made by someone that the killer was wearing a raincoat and the promo shows Woo wearing one as he picks up the garbage. Is he really a killer or just circumstances make him a suspect? The next episode will give you all the answers, so stay tuned.

Behind Your Touch Episode 6: When will the next episode be released

Behind Your Touch, the Episode 7 will be released on 27 August 2023. The series will have 16 episodes and is available on Netflix.

Behind Your Touch Episode 6: Plot

With a new day Episode 6 Behind Your Touch begins, and Dr.Ye-Bun’s aunt sees her sleeping on the couch. She sees her and asks her about her changed behavior when she doesn’t wish her grandpa a nice day. She goes to her room. Later the scene shifts to Detective Moon who is disgusted with a new case and almost all the women from Mujin come to file a report of their missing underwear. Detective Moon later receives a call from Seoul that a case with a butterfly tattoo indicates to a man whom Moon is behind before his transfer.

As Dr.Bo is preparing for her patients, her aunt sends her off to the countryside to treat livestock from a farm. She is about to take the bus when Detective Moon offers her a ride. She accepts it as he says that he is also heading in the same direction and she agrees. As the duration is long, Ye-Bun sleeps in the car and later wakes up to see that they are in Seoul. Detective Moon tells her that the man they are following is a person who is suspected to be dealing drugs. He asks her to touch him and see if he has done something lately.

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She touches it and sees that he bought some boats. He later gives him a little heads-up that he is behind him whenever he takes off. The man later calls Seung-gil who is Detective Moon’s known and asks him to kill him. Later the scene shifts back to Mujin, where Ye-Bun’s friend threatens her that if she is trying to do something with her crush, she will not hesitate to kill her.

The case of missing underwear again takes the episode with humor. They are now making bait for the thief to catch and they almost catch him but then he is so fast that he escapes and as a mockery hits Detective Moon at the back of his head. They again bait for him and this time he hits him on his face; on the forehead. They are finally able to catch him with Ok-Hee and her squad. As Detective Moon also races to catch the thief he meets Seung-gil and he stabs him. Dr.Bo reaches on time and takes him to the hospital. She sees that the man is Seung-gil but doesn’t tell.

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The detective is fine and the town comes to him to see if he is fine. In the hospital, as Dr.Bo is going to see Detective Moon she sees Seung-gil and asks him why did he that and he says that he doesn’t have a choice. Ye-Bun tells Moon that the reason he joined the dealer was because the nun was ill and needed money for surgery. He had to do this but Moon tells Dr.Bo that he will still arrest them. Seung-gil enters covered in blood and dies in the arms of Moon.

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