Sentenced to Be a Hero Fantasy Novel Receives Anime

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Through the opening of an official Twitter account it became known today that the fantasy novel “Sentenced to Be a Hero” (jap.: “Yuusha Kei ni Shosu: Choubatsu Yuusha 9004-tai Keimu Kiroku”) will soon get an anime adaptation. You can find a first teaser below.

Sentenced to Be a Hero Anime: Details are still pending

So far, it is not yet known whether the adaptation will be a series, an OVA or a movie. Also a release date as well as details about the contributors to the production are still pending. We will of course keep you up to date on this.

The anime adapts the original light novel penned by Rocket Shoukai, which has been in Japanese stores since September 2021 with drawings by Hitomi Shizuki. Yen Press will release the first volume on August 22, 2023 with English translation.

A manga adaptation by Natsumi Inoue has been published in “Dengeki Comic Regulus” magazine since March 2022. The work is not yet available in English.

Teaser for the Light Novel:

Sentenced to Be a Hero Storyline:

Heroism – a punishment only for the worst criminals. Those condemned to heroic fate are forced to fight on the front lines. But when their leader meets a goddess, the contract they forge could change the world.

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