Attack on Titan Was Originally Supposed to End Much Earlier

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During an interview, the author of “Attack on Titan” explained that the story was originally supposed to be completed in two manga volumes. We summarize.

Attack on Titan Anime: End has remained

Even Hajime Isayama, author of the popular manga series, probably in no way expected the tremendous success of “Attack on Titan”. On the contrary, according to his own information, in the early stages he even feared that the work would be canceled, which is why he originally wanted to bring the story to a conclusion in two volumes.

At that time, he also had a rough idea of how the story would end. However, his plans would have been thrown out the window as “Attack on Titan” became a top international title, so he would have added more and more details to the storyline as it progressed and also questioned the planned ending.

As he solidified the foundation of his manga story, it slowly but surely adjusted back to his original vision, and it would now end the way he had envisioned it at the beginning, even though many readers of the series were not entirely satisfied with it.

But anime fans will soon be able to see for themselves, as the concluding second part of the series finale is expected to be released in the fall of 2023. All seasons, movies and OVAs are available on demand here at the streaming service Crunchyroll.


Attack on Titan Storyline:

Many years ago, a large part of humanity was killed by giant humanoid monsters called “Titans”. Only a few people managed to save themselves. They built a city behind huge walls to protect them from the creatures. One of the inhabitants is Eren Jäger.

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