Re:Zero Season 3 Release Date, News, Story, and Trailer

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If you are a fan of Re:Zero, you must be eager to know more about the third season of this amazing anime. You are not alone! Many Re:Zero lovers are waiting for the official announcement of Season 3.

In this article, we will share everything we have learned about the status of Re:Zero Season 3, including the possible release date, trailer, and other news!

Let’s get started!

Re:Zero Season 3 Release Date

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-), the popular light novel series by Tappei Nagatsuki and Shinichirou Ootsuka? If so, you must be thrilled to hear the news that a third season has been announced at AnimeJapan 2023! That’s right, the fantasy drama that follows Subaru Natsuki as he tries to survive and save his friends in a parallel world where he can rewind time by dying is getting another season!

The first season of Re:Zero premiered in April 2016. The second season was split into two parts; the first aired in July 2020 and the second in January 2021.

Seasons 1 and 2 have a gap of four years between them.

White Fox, the studio that produces Re:Zero, announced the adaptation of Utawarerumono: Mask of Truth in 2019; the series aired in 2022.

Utawarerumono is White Fox’s most recent project after the second season of Re:Zero.

It is likely that Re:Zero will have a Season 3 announcement after the completion of Utawarerumono, as Re:Zero is one of the studio’s most successful and popular adaptations.

White Fox also made the anime adaptation of Steins;Gate, another highly-praised series.

Re:Zero Season 3 Trailer

The announcement was made on Saturday at a special stage event that featured the voice actors of Subaru and Emilia, the main heroine of the story. The event also revealed a teaser visual and a teaser promo that gave us a glimpse of what to expect from the new season. You can also check them out on the official website or on IMDb.

Re:Zero Story

Re:Zero, also known as Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World, is a light novel series created by Tappei Nagatsuki with illustrations by Shinichiro Otsuka.

The series tells the story of a hikikomori teenager Subaru Natsuki who is transported to a fantasy world where he encounters a silver-haired girl named Emilia, who is one of the candidates for the royal selection.

To his horror, Subaru dies soon after arriving in the new realm but wakes up in the past with his memories intact.

Subaru realizes he has the ability to return by death and decides to use it to protect Emilia and change the fate of the world!

The Re:Zero series is a popular and critically-acclaimed franchise that has inspired various adaptations and spin-offs; the light novels have sold over 11 million copies worldwide, while the anime series has been a hit among fans and critics alike.

Several Re:Zero manga adaptations have been produced by different artists, such as Daichi Matsue and Makoto Fugetsu. All of the manga adaptations are licensed by Yen-Press for release in North America.

The series also has many video-game spin-offs, such as Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World: The Prophecy of the Throne, published by Spike-Chunsoftin North America. The game is available on Steam for PC, Playstation, and the Nintendo eShop.

Re:Zero Season 3 Visual

Re:zero Season 3 Visual
© White Fox

Re:Zero News

Re:Zero, the popular isekai anime series that follows Subaru Natsuki, a hikikomori who gets transported to a fantasy world and discovers he has the ability to rewind time by dying? If so, you’ll be thrilled to hear the latest news about Re:Zero’s Season 3!

As you may know, Re:Zero’s Season 2 ended in March 2021, leaving fans with many questions and cliffhangers. The second season covered volumes 9 through 15 of the light novel series, which currently has 28 volumes published as of September 2022. That means there are still plenty of stories and arcs to adapt for the anime!

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu is one of the most popular and acclaimed isekai (another world) series in recent years, with its unique premise, complex plot, memorable characters, and emotional twists. It has won several awards, such as the Sugoi Japan Award in 2017 and the Anime of the Year Award in 2016 by Crunchyroll. It has also been praised by critics and fans alike for its exploration of themes such as trauma, despair, hope, and love.

The third season will continue the story from where the second season left off, which was adapted from the ninth volume of the light novel series. The light novel series currently has 33 volumes published by Kadokawa under its MF Bunko J imprint, with the latest volume released on March 29. The series has also been adapted into several manga spin-offs, anime shorts, video games, and other media.

Re:Zero is one of the most thrilling and captivating anime series of recent years, with its unique premise, complex characters, dark themes, and emotional twists. If you haven’t watched it yet or want to refresh your memory before Season 3 comes out, you can stream Season 1 and Season 2 on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

Don’t miss this chance to dive into the amazing world of Re:Zero and join Subaru on his journey of love, despair, and hope!

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