Ayakashi Triangle: Anime is scheduled for release in 2023

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At the end of last year, it was confirmed that Kentaro Yabuki’s manga “Ayakashi Triangle” should receive an anime adaptation. It is now clear that the series can only be expected in 2023.

We are still holding back further information at the current time. It is not known who will be involved in the series, nor has a more precisely defined broadcast period been defined. However, it is now certain that the anime will premiere in 2023.

Ayakashi Triangle Anime More Information

Kentaro Yabuki started his current series in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in June 2020. Most recently, the manga switched to the “Shonen Jump +” app, as it promised more freedom with the content. So far, chapters 74 and 75 have not been published via the “MANGA Plus” app because the content was probably not suitable for the general public. Nine volumes of manga are currently available in Japan. So far, no publisher has secured a license for the title in this country. Publisher Seven Seas plans to publish the first English volume in November 2022.

Yabuki is best known in this country for his series “Black Cat” and as an artist of the series “To Love-Ru” (or Love Trouble). While the first series was published entirely by Carlsen Manga, TOKYOPOP published “Love Trouble”.

Ayakashi Triangle Action

Japan is teeming with mysterious monsters – also known as “ayakashi”. A special exorcist ninja troop has set itself the task of fighting this threat. To protect his childhood friend, Matsuri faces these monsters. When one day the ayakashi cat Shirogane appears, his whole everyday life is turned upside down!

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