Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 3 New Teaser and Visual

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On the Twitter account of the anime adaptation of “Rent-A-Girlfriend” (jap.: “Kanojo, Okarishimasu”), a new teaser for the third season was released, introducing the new sidekick Mini Yaemori. You can find the video below.

Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 3 Release Date

The third “Rent-A-Girlfriend” season will start in July 2023 and is being directed by Shin’ya Une at studios TMS Entertainment and COMET. Mitsutaka Hirota (“Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles”) is penning the script, while Kanna Hirayama is contributing character design.

The freshly introduced character, who turns out to be Kazuya and Otaku’s neighbor, Mini Yaemori, is voiced by Yuu Serizawa (Shera L Greenwood from “How Not to Summon a Demon Lord” and Yumemi from “Kakegurui”). A specific date for the sequel has yet to be announced.

“Rent-A-Girlfriend” so far consists of two seasons with a total of 24 episodes, which were shown on Japanese television between July and September 2020 and between July and September 2022. The streaming service Crunchyroll makes all episodes available on demand.

Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 3 Trailer

Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 3 Visual

Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 3 Visual
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Rent-A-Girlfriend Story

Kazuya Kinoshita is dumped by his girlfriend Mami Nanami after dating for a month. He decides to use an online dating app to rent a girlfriend named Chizuru Mizuhara, a beautiful girl. However, because he thinks she was inauthentic, he gives her a low rating. When Chizuru berates him for that during their next meeting, he realizes she is meaner than he expected. Just then, Kazuya learns that his grandmother has been hospitalized following a collapse. Chizuru comes along and his grandmother is smitten with how great she is. Kazuya continues renting Chizuru in order to keep up appearances with his family and friends, but things get complicated when they discover they are next-door apartment neighbors and attend the same college. Later, other girls from the rental girlfriend business also join in.

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