Rebelde Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

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Netflix’s Mexican teen drama “Rebelde,” a stand-alone sequel to the 2004 opera “Rebelde,” centers on Elite Way School and the lives of the students that attend it. While attempting to establish themselves as the new voices in the present music scene, the members of the band Without Name encounter several issues as the Spanish-language series moves forward. The show, which debuted on January 5, 2022, also places a lot of emphasis on the connections among the pupils.

When it first aired, the show was well-received by critics and viewers alike, garnering praise for its engaging plotlines, a drama geared for teens, and the performances of its primary characters. Fans must be eager to learn about the third season’s prospects because the show’s second season finishes with several startling and unsolved occurrences. Here is what we do know about the same, though!

How Many Seasons Does Rebelde Have?

Rebelde has three seasons, each consisting of about 145 episodes. The first season aired from October 4, 2004, to June 17, 2005. The second season aired from August 15, 2005, to June 9, 2006. The third and final season aired from September 11, 2006, to June 2, 2006.

The seasons are divided into chapters or cycles, each focusing on a theme or plot arc. For example, the first season has four chapters: The Beginning, The Lodge’s Conspiracy, The Trip to Canada, and The End of Classes. The second season has five chapters: The Return, The Exchange Students, The Kidnapping of Mía and Miguel, The Death of Alma Rey, and The Graduation. The third season has three chapters: The New Generation, The Return of Roberta’s Mother, and The Farewell.

Each episode lasts about 45 minutes, except for some special episodes that are longer or shorter. For example, the first episode of the first season is about an hour long, while the last episode of the third season is about two hours long.

What is the Ending of Rebelde?

The ending of Rebelde is bittersweet, as it marks both the graduation and the farewell of the main characters. In the last episode of the third season, titled “The Last Goodbye”, we see how each character resolves their conflicts and prepares for their future.

  • Mía and Miguel finally married in a beautiful ceremony their friends and family attended. They move to New York together and pursue their dreams of becoming fashion designers.
  • Roberta and Diego also reconcile their differences and confess their love for each other. They decide to stay in Mexico City and continue their musical careers with RBD.
  • Lupita and Santos also get back together and plan to travel worldwide as volunteers for humanitarian causes.
  • Giovanni and Vico also end up together and decide to study journalism at a prestigious university.
  • Nico and Lupita’s sister Lola also start a relationship and decide to study engineering at another university.
  • Tomás and Pilar also became a couple and decided to study law at another university.

The episode ends with a farewell concert by RBD at the Elite Way School auditorium, where they sing their most famous songs and thank their fans for their support. They also receive their diplomas from their teachers and mentors. As they leave the stage, they hug each other and say goodbye with tears in their eyes.

Will there be a Rebelde Season 3?

Rebelde aired for three seasons from 2004 to 2006, with 440 episodes. The series was a huge hit among young audiences in Mexico, other Latin American countries, and the United States, where Univision broadcasted it. The series also won several awards, including two TVyNovelas Awards for Best Young Lead Actor and Actress.

But will there be a Rebelde Season 3? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because Netflix has announced that it will produce a new version of Rebelde, set to premiere in 2022. The new series will feature a new cast of characters and a new storyline, but it will also pay homage to the original series and its iconic music. No, because the original Rebelde series ended in 2006, and there are no plans to revive it with the original cast or continue its story.

So, you might be disappointed if you are a fan of the original Rebelde series and want to know what happened to your favorite characters after the finale. However, you might be pleasantly surprised if you are curious about the new Rebelde series and want to see how it will adapt and update the classic story for a new generation.

Is Rebelde Season 3 coming back in 2023?

Rebelde Season 3 is not coming back in 2023 or any other year. As mentioned before, Rebelde Season 3 was the final season of the original series.

Rebelde Season 3 Release Date: Speculation!

Rebelde Season 3 Release Date: Speculation!
Rebelde © Netflix

On Netflix, season 2 of “Rebelde” debuted on July 27, 2022. Eight episodes of 34–47 minutes each make up the second season.

Let us share what we know about the third season. Releasing a statement about the show’s future or officially approving “Rebelde” for season 3 is still pending at Netflix (The Vampire Diaries Season 9). However, Marcelo Colucci’s actor Leonardo de Lozanne announced to GQ Mexico in January 2022 that the third season had been “approved,” with production set to start in the summer of 2022.

Given the popularity of similar teen shows on Netflix (All of Us Are Dead Season 2) like “Elite” and “Sex Education,” it is not surprising that the streaming service is open to the series’ third season. If the show’s third season has been accepted and is about to be announced, we may quickly anticipate the latter. We may anticipate the third season of “Rebelde” to debut sometime in 2024 if the streaming behemoth soon gives the third episode the official go-ahead.

Rebelde Season 3 Cast: Who can be in it?

Rebelde Season 3 Cast: Who can be in it?
Rebelde © Netflix

Rebelde is a Mexican musical drama series that follows the lives of a group of students at the prestigious Elite Way School. The series is a remake of the Argentine telenovela Rebelde Way, featuring a talented cast of young actors and singers. Rebelde premiered on Netflix on March 2, 2022, and if it’s renewed for a third season this year, which is expected to release in 2024. Here is everything we know about the cast of Rebelde Season 3.

The main cast of Rebelde Season 3 will likely consist of the following actors:

  • Azul Guaita Bracamontes as Jana Cohen, is a rebellious and outspoken girl passionate about music and social justice.
  • Franco Masini as Luka Colucci, a charming and charismatic boy who is the son of a famous rock star and the leader of the band RBD.
  • Sergio Mayer Mori as Estebán Torres/Colucci, is a mysterious and troubled boy adopted by Luka’s father and joins RBD as a drummer.
  • Andrea Chaparro as Mara José Sevilla, AKA MJ, a bright and ambitious girl who is the daughter of a powerful politician and the president of the student council.
  • Jeronimo Cantillo as Guillermo “Dixon” lvarez, a talented and loyal boy who is Luka’s best friend and RBD’s guitarist.
  • Lizeth Selene as Andrea “Andi” Agosti, a sweet and shy girl who is Jana’s best friend and RBD’s keyboardist.

Other cast members who may return for Rebelde Season 3 include:

  • Leonardo de Lozanne as Marcelo Colucci, Luka’s father and a famous rock star who owns Elite Way School.
  • Estefana Villarreal as Celina Ferrer, the principal of Elite Way School and a former student who was part of the original RBD.
  • Joel Isaac Figueroa as Okane, a famous and influential social media star who becomes Jana’s boyfriend.
  • Giovanna Grigio as Emily Alo, a Brazilian exchange student who becomes Andi’s girlfriend.
  • Karla Sofia Gazcón as Lourdes, MJ’s loyal friend and assistant.
  • Flavio Medina as Gus Bauman, a mysterious and manipulative teacher who is part of a secret society called the Lodge that threatens RBD.
  • Mariané Cartas as Ilse, an intern at Elite Way School who becomes Estebán’s love interest.

According to IMDb, some guest stars who may appear in Rebelde Season 3 are:

  • Ximena Sariñana as herself, a famous singer who performs with RBD.
  • Saak as himself, a famous singer who performs with RBD.
  • Dominika Paleta as Marina Funtanet, MJ’s mother and a powerful politician who opposes Marcelo Colucci.
  • Mariana Gajá as Rocío Esquivel, Jana’s mother and a journalist who investigates the Lodge.

Rebelde Season 3 will also feature new characters and actors not yet announced. Fans can expect more drama, romance, music, and mystery in the potential upcoming season of Rebelde.

Rebelde Season 3 Plot: What is it about?

Rebelde Season 3 Plot: What can it be About?
Rebelde © Netflix

Estebán triumphs in the song competition to cap up Season 2. Following his victory, he concludes that Bauman is a killer. He chooses not to perform at the Trend-Z Awards and tries to stop Bauman from harming Okane, but inadvertently kills the producer. Following his near-death experience, Luka makes a full recovery and joins Okane. By using his clout to have Estebán released from police custody, Marcelo causes Okane to be detained. Sebastián and his classmates receive their diplomas. Due to Bauman’s passing, Dixon is spared from having to leave EWS and ends up with MJ. Additionally, Estebán and Jana reunite.

The third season might cover what happens after Okane is detained for killing Bauman. Marcelo might come up with the explanation that Okane accidentally killed Bauman while defending himself to spare the life of his son Esteban. Due to Bauman’s passing, Celina might revive The Battle of the Bands and Without Name might come back together. Jana and Esteban might reconcile once more. If Okane leaves police detention, he and Luka might proceed with their planned cross-country trip. Emlia and Andi might reconcile, and she might discover a means to remain in Mexico.

Where can to Watch Rebelde?

Rebelde is a Netflix original series exclusively available on the streaming platform. With a subscription, you can watch all episodes of Rebelde seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix. You can also download the episodes on your device and watch them offline.

Rebelde Season 3 Trailer: Is there a teaser?

Currently, there is no official trailer or teaser for Rebelde season 3. Netflix usually releases trailers a few weeks before the premiere date of a new season. Therefore, we can expect to see some footage of Rebelde season 3 closer to its release date. Until then, you can watch the trailer for Rebelde season 2 below.

Similar Shows Like Rebelde

If you love Rebelde and are looking for similar shows to watch while you wait for season 3, here are some recommendations:

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  • Sex Education: A British comedy-drama series that follows a socially awkward teenager who sets up a sex therapy clinic at his school with the help of his friends and his sex therapist mother.
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  • Control Z: A Mexican thriller series that revolves around a hacker who leaks the students’ secrets at a high school and a socially isolated girl who tries to stop him.
  • Pretty Little Liars: A mystery drama series that follows four friends who receive threatening messages from an unknown person who knows their darkest secrets after their leader goes missing.

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