All of Us Are Dead Season 2 Confirmed by Netflix

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Some of the top South Korean dramas available have been made available on Netflix during the past couple of years. The streaming behemoth has been delivering when it comes to K-dramas spanning multiple genres, from comedies to thrillers and, of course, plain ol’ romance, with titles like Squid Game, D.P, and the upcoming Twenty Five Twenty One. The zombie drama All of Us Are Dead (지금 우리 학교는) is the newest K-drama to appear on Netflix.

All of Us Are Dead, which features Park Jihu and Yoon Chanyoung, made its Netflix debut on January 28, 2022, and shot straight to the top of the Global Top 10 list. Variety reports that the series’ first week saw 124.79 million hours of viewing, making it the most-watched opening week for a South Korean title since Netflix’s public Top 10 list debuted last year. Naturally, viewers who have already finished the series are feverishly searching Google for information about All of Us Are Dead season 2. Here is what you need to know about the series and its return if that describes you.

Is Season 2 of All of Us Are Dead Confirmed?

It is, indeed! All of Us Are Dead’s official renewal for a second season was announced by Netflix on June 6, 2022, through Twitter. A Season 2 announcement video with parts of the cast was additionally released by the streamer. The announcement’s description states, “The nightmare is far from finished. The kids of Hyosan High School may have survived their first zombie outbreak.”

The series’ director, Lee Jaekyu, has previously stated, as previously reported by Hypebae, that “the script was written with a second season in mind.” His plan was to sustain the narrative, and Netflix is carrying it out. The director reportedly added, “It would be amazing if we could produce a second season,” hinting that “if it were to happen, there would be more compelling storylines.” It would make sense for Lee to concentrate more on “zombie survival” in its second season. But first, before we go any farther Let’s take a moment to review.

When is Season 2 of All of Us Are Dead Premiering?

All of Us Are Dead Season 2
All of Us Are Dead © Netflix

The season two announcement made on June 6 does hint that season 2 will be “coming soon to Netflix,” so keep a look out even if Netflix (Spriggan Season 2) has not yet provided a specific release date.

All of Us Are Dead Season 1 Recap 

All of Us Are Dead Season 2
All of Us Are Dead © Netflix

In the movie All of Us Are Dead, a group of Hyosan High School students battles for survival as a zombie virus sweeps throughout the campus and its surroundings. The series is based on Joo Donggeun’s 2009 digital comic Now at Our School, which was first released on Webtoon under the same name as the series’ original Korean title.

All of Us Are Dead is actually filled with cultural references and topical allegories, despite the fact that at first glance the series may look like your average zombie apocalypse thriller with coming-of-age aspects scattered throughout the plot.

All of Us Are Dead Cast

All of Us Are Dead Season 2
All of Us Are Dead © Netflix

The first season of the show focuses mostly on Nam Onjo, played by 18-year-old Park Jihu, and Lee Cheongsan, a classmate, neighbor, and friend from their youth. Yoon Chanyoung plays Lee. In addition, Cho Yihyun plays the role of Lee Suhyeok, while South Korean-Uzbek actor Park Solomon (also known as Lomon) plays Choi Namra, the class president and exemplary student.

Yoon Gwinam, who is portrayed by real-life girlfriend Yoo Insoo, is the major antagonist of the series, aside from, you know, the virus itself. Lee Nayeon is played by Lee Yoomi. Im Jaehyuk as Yang Daesu, Lee Eunsaem as Park Mijin, Ham Sungmin as Han Gyeongsu (also known as Chaongsan’s BFF), Kim Jooah as Yoon Isak (also known as Onjo’s BFF), Son Sangyeon as Jang Woojin and Ha Seungri as Jang Hari, among others, are some of the additional cast members.

As for season 2, you are aware that it ends on a cliffhanger when Namra and the survivors meet again on the roof of the school. Since dead humans can turn into zombies too, unlike with Squid Game, it’s hard to predict who would return for season two. Now that Season 2 has been approved, we may presume that every survivor (or at least the majority of them) will return.

Of course, all fans have another important query: In the film All of Us Are Dead, is Cheongsan actually dead? Well, there’s no way to be certain. Both his transformation into a zombie and his decomposition were not witnessed by us. Though he barely succeeded in using Gwinam as a cover, we did witness him get blasted by the shock wave from the bomb the government dropped on the school grounds.

Realistically, we shouldn’t have high expectations, but weirder things have happened. (And besides, it’s Netflix!) “If Cheongsan were to come back to life,” director Lee told Wikitree, “there will be some viewers who won’t accept the circumstance and those that will like it.” He said that he “absolutely” has a plan that he can’t yet reveal.

Park Jihu, Yoon Chanyoung, Cho Yihyun, and Lomon will reportedly return to school, according to the Season 2 announcement, so… I suppose we can say with certainty that Cheongsan’s story is not over?

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