Sex Education Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Story and News

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Fortunately, the end of the scandalous school Moordale High does not immediately mean the end of the British hit series “Sex Education” because a fourth season is to follow.

The British Netflix series “Sex Education” will soon enter a fourth and final round. The queer high school series recently celebrated its success not only because it educates about taboos around sexuality and identity but also because the Netflix original has an excellent cast, which unfortunately threatens to change significantly in the next season.

While it will still be about content like uncommon STDs, sexual insecurities, or anal sex, otherwise the Netflix hit wouldn’t proudly bear its name “Sex Education” after all; different actors in new locations will likely address them. Find out more below!

Sex Education Season 4: The Cast

As mentioned above, there are the biggest changes in the cast of season 4 of “Sex Education”. On the one hand, characters are added; on the other hand, some leave. The Netflix hit expanded its cast more and more from season to season and announced a casting call for season 4 last year, but who the new additions are is still a secret.

What is known, however, are the many actors who are gradually announcing their exit from the series. These include famous queer on-screen couple Lily (Tanya Reynolds ) and Ola (Patricia Allison), “Bridgerton” star Simone Ashley, who had taken on the role of popular schoolgirl Olivia, and English teacher Emily Sands, embodied by Rakhee Thakrar.

And as if the loss wasn’t significant enough, Emmay Mackey, who plays Maeve in the main cast, has now announced an exit. Mackey is now 26 years old and reluctant to slip into the role of a teenager constantly, she tells in an interview. Recently, Maeve confirmed to Radio Times that she would leave the series after the fourth season.

The flamboyant viewer favourite Eric will still be part of season 4, but after that, it’s over for him too, as his actor Ncuti Gatwa will take over the lead role of the new cult series “Doctor Who”.

When will “Sex Education” finally continue?

Since the Netflix original series started airing on the streaming channel in 2019, fans can’t get enough of it. The series is like sex education from back in school, not as uncomfortable and caustic, but humorous, authentic, and even touching in places. So it’s no wonder we can hardly wait for the release date of Sex Education Season 4.

Netflix confirmed at the premiere of the third season in September 2021 that another one would follow, but there is no official start date. Rumours point to late summer 2022 or even as late as 2023. Seems like the sexual reunion will have to wait a bit longer.

Sex Education Season 4 Plot: What will happen?

Here’s a brief look back at season 3 and, beware, some spoilers too!

The last season of “Sex Education” for now left us with an open ending and some question marks. Moordale High School and the primary setting of the whole story were about to be shut down because the investors were shocked and less supportive due to the scandals and the now sex-positive attitude of the school. Thus, the question for the following season is whether Otis, played by Asa Butterfield and his friends, managed to save the school and, if not, how and where they will continue their educational journey.

One of them, however, seems to have already answered that question. When Meave and Otis get closer and stand each other’s feelings, an unexpected ending follows in the season finale. Lead actress Emma Mackey’s character is leaving for America for a gifted program, and it is unclear whether she will ever return.

It’s a tough setback for Otis, mainly because a lot is also changing within his family. According to all information, his mother, Jean (Gillian Anderson), has had a difficult birth and had a daughter named Joy, but is unsure if the child is by her current boyfriend, Jacob. At his request, she takes a paternity test, and in the season finale, we only get to see her looking at the piece of paper in a kind of shock stupor. Who is the father, and will the result affect their ongoing relationship?

When it comes to relationships, Otis’ best friend Eric, played by Ncuti Gatwa, already knows more because he is sure and ends his hot relationship with Adam, who already had a hard time with his coming out anyway. No one knows if this will last, but many things must be worked through in the next season.

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