Pierson Fode REPLACES Henry Cavill’s Superman in James Gunn’s upcoming DCU movie

Pierson Fode is set to become the new Man of Steel.

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Pierson Fode, the former star of the hit series Bold and Beautiful is said to make his debut as the new Superman. James Gunn, the Co-Chairman and CEO of DC Studios has confirmed on Instagram that he plans on changing the idea of Superman and that the newly formed studios are all set to follow through with this plan. Gunn wants the new Superman movie to focus on his younger days and the return of Henry Cavill as Superman seems unlikely. This is in line with the new DC Studios which is a subdivision of the Warner Bros. Discovery and is set to focus exclusively on characters from the DC Universe.

Henry Cavill’s Superman days

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Henry Cavil draped his cape and made his debut as Superman in Man of Steel (2013) and soon after that, Superman was expanded into the DC Universe where he fought off against Gotham’s Hero, Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Henry also played the role of Superman in both the Justice League movies before making his final appearance in a post-credit scene in Black Adam.

Henry has always managed to perfectly embody the role of Superman. Be it through his chiseled Greek-God physique or his piercing death gaze, Cavill has always been said to have the aura of Superman in whatever he does. His on-screen presence as Superman definitely contributed a lot to the role he played and was much appreciated by both his fans as well as critics.

Who is Pierson Fode?

Pierson Fode made his debut as Todd in the popular Nickelodeon series ‘Icarly’ but he is more famously known for his role as Thomas in Bold and Beautiful. There have been reports of the 31-year-old actor has sent his self-tapes to James Gunn depicting his farm life which is similar to the background in which Clark Kent (Superman) grew up in, via Variety.

Pierson sure has some superhero credibility to him as he has made his appearance on ‘Supergirl’ as ‘Angus’. Pierson can be the next Superman as he has got that Clark Kent look to him and no we are not talking about his physique which hits the mark, he also perfectly fits the role of a young charismatic Superman and could be what James Gunn might be looking for. Fode is set to appear in Netflix’s new crime thriller “Based on a True Story’ starring Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina. He has also previously appeared on Tv shows such as Jessie, Dynasty, and Animal Kingdom.

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