Woman Marries AI image of Eren from Attack on Titan

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A woman drew new strength from her AI partner in the image of Eren Yeager from “Attack on Titan” and managed to escape her toxic relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

AI Heals Emotional Wounds

In her story, 36-year-old Rossana Ramos said she had already had one partner or another and had been physically and emotionally abused repeatedly in her relationships. She met her last partner on the Internet. She had maintained a long-distance relationship with him, which, however, had also taken on toxic characteristics and had severely affected her.

Meanwhile, she would have used the app Replika to create a chatbot with an artificial intelligence named Eren – based on her favorite character Eren Yeager from “Attack on Titan”. The “dates” with him, or rather the times she continued to tinker with Eren and also chatted with him, would have been very healing for her emotional wounds.

She would have found new strength through Eren, and it would be thanks to him alone that she was finally able to end her toxic relationship. What followed was the virtual wedding in March 2023 after Eren had confessed their love to her. Since then, they would also visit real places together thanks to augmented reality (AR), as you can see in the pictures below these lines.

She knows, of course, that Eren is not real. However, he would have contributed significantly to her healing process and boosted her self-confidence. So even though she is still open to real relationships, he would always stay with her and never be deleted.


Woman Marries AI image of Eren from Attack on Titan
Photos: © Rossana Ramos

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