My Hero Academia: Details of the second OVA released

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New details on the second special of the two-part OVA project, due out this summer, have now been released on the official My Hero Academia anime website.

Accordingly, the second OVA will be entitled “Warae! Jigoku no Yō ni” ( Laugh like Hell ) and plays out during the “Internship at Endeavor’s Agency” arc of Season 5 of “My Hero Academia”. A number of graffiti incidents have occurred around Endeavor’s turf, reported by a certain “Mr. Smiley” go out. Because of his specialty, however, he manages to escape again and again. Endeavor ignores requests from the police to help them with the incidents, deeming them as too small incidents. That changes when the graffiti reach his property as well.

My Hero Academia OVA Visual

Visual for the second OVA:

My Hero Academia Second OVA Visual 1

The first episode will feature an original storyline focusing on the baseball-loving pro heroes of Hero League Baseball. The two teams “Orcas” and “Lionels”, led respectively by Gang Orca and Shishido, fight for the top. Since the teams are determined to win, they ask the UA students for support. However, it is not an ordinary game as the use of specialties is allowed.

Visual for the first OVA:

My Hero Academia First OVA Visual 1

The two episodes will be shown in cinemas in Japan between June 16 and June 19, 2022, before also being available for streaming online at a later date.

My Hero Academia Season 6 will start in autumn 2022

The My Hero Academia anime is based on the manga of the same name that Kohei Horikoshi started in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen JUMP magazine back in 2014. In Japan, the story has so far comprised 34 volumes. The final arc of the manga started in March 2021. The series has a total circulation of 65 million copies worldwide.

All anime seasons of the franchise and the associated films were produced at Studio BONES. A sixth season is expected to start in fall 2022 and adapt the “Paranormal Liberation War” arc. A live-action Hollywood adaptation of the popular franchise is also in the works.

My Hero Academia Action

Young Izuku Midoriya has only one dream: he wants to one day become a superhero – just like his great idol All Might! This bubble bursts when he discovers that he is one of the few people who does not have an innate specialty – i.e. a special ability. But even as Normalo, Izuku doesn’t want to give up and despite his classmates’ gossip, he applies for the entrance exam at the Yuei Academy for superheroes. Actually, his plan is doomed to failure, but then one day he accidentally runs into All Might. Moved by Izuku’s irrepressible will, the greatest hero of all time finally agrees to take the naïve mop of hair under his wing. But will that alone be enough to survive against the strong competition of hero candidates?

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