“Mushoku Tensei” returns with censored episode 0

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Recently, the highly anticipated second season of the isekai anime “Mushoku Tensei” premiered, but pointy-headed fans were directly bothered by changes in the international version.

Surprising censorship

Mushoku Tensei With Censored Episode 0

Fans were naturally delighted when “Mushoku Tensei” returned to home TVs last weekend. However, shortly after it aired, viewers had already noticed some instances of censorship in the international version after becoming suspicious of a scene during a play due to the long close-ups.

In fact, the Japanese version, since it is not zoomed in so much, shows a bit more skin at this point. In addition, you can see that the girl in this scene is actually touched by the man on her buttocks and not just her back. You can find a comparison video at the end of the article.

Presumably, the changes were made to meet the strict censorship requirements in China. Usually, however, a separate version is manufactured for China in this context. Not in this case, however, where there is obviously only one international version.

Don’t paint a devil on the wall

Fans are already painting the devil on the wall because of this and are afraid of all that may still come in terms of censorship. Moreover, the episode lacked the superior animation quality of the first season and even disappointed viewers with the frequent use of CGI.

But we can reassure you in this regard because if you look a bit more into the anime and also the original artwork, the reasons for this can be found very quickly.

Last week’s episode is not yet officially the start of the second season but rather a kind of pilot episode that tells a flashback story about Sylphiette. This deviates in the chronology also very strongly from the main story of the light novel, where these events are clarified at other points, partly before, and partly later.

If you take a look at the production at Studio Bind with this prior knowledge, you will see that this pilot episode was completely outsourced in its production and not produced by Studio Bind itself. This is probably also due to the fact that they apparently decided to produce this episode 0 just before the end.

From July 9, 2023, the official start of the second season of “Mushoku Tensei”, we can expect the usual quality of Studio Bind again.

Censorship Video:


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