Mieruko-chan Season 2: Will we ever get to see it?

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Will there ever be Mieruko-chan Season 2? How soon can we expect to see it?

Without a doubt, one of the most well-liked comedies of 2021 is Mieruko-chan. Nevertheless, when it originally aired, it didn’t make a positive effect on the audience. The main reason is that everyone first believed the program would be another average horror anime without a story or for having excessive fanservice.

But, as the show goes on, things become more thrilling, the narrative begins to thicken, and last but not least, the fan services are drastically reduced. This is the major justification for not judging a book by its cover and for having some patience in order to fully appreciate the show. You’ll undoubtedly see why Mieruko-chan is in a class by itself once you’ve experienced everything it has to offer.

A Japanese manga series by Tomoki Izumi that was written and illustrated is where the anime series Mieruko-chan got its start. Since November 2, 2018, it has been serialized online on Kadokawa’s ComicWalker platform. Seven tankobon volumes have been published as of 22 Maret 2022. Since November 17, 2020, Yen Press has also been translating and publishing the manga series into English.

As evidence of its widespread popularity, the manga series Mieruko-chan was nominated for the 5th Next Manga Awards in the digital category and finished 10th overall out of 50 nominations.

Mieruko-chan Season 2 Renewal Status

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On March 18, 2021, it was first revealed that the ongoing manga title Mieruko-chan would receive an anime adaptation. Passione, a company most renowned for its anime productions including Rokka no Yuusha, Citrus, and Interspecies Reviewers, animated the translation.

On October 3, 2021, the anime series Mieruko-chan made its debut. It aired for a total of twelve episodes before coming to an end on December 19 of the same year. Several of the series’ devoted followers are begging for a second season now that the first one is over. What is the status of Mieruko-chan Season 2’s renewal? Has the studio made any comments on a season extension?

As of this writing, neither the author nor any studio involved in the production has made any comments on Mieruko-chan Season 2. Fortunately, the program hasn’t been canceled, so there is still hope for a sequel even though we don’t know whether or not there will be a season renewal.

Will Mieruko-chan Season 2 be feasible?

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Fortunately, there is a good chance that Mieruko-chan Season 2 will air at some point in the future. Presently, there is a good probability that a show will receive a second season. Even Spirit Chronicles, the anime that everyone believed would never be renewed, at this point revealed a second season months after the conclusion of the first.

Needless to mention, the anime adaptation has greatly increased the popularity of manga. In order to meet the high demand in bookshops and general stores, a sizable emergency reprint is actually required. The future of the anime series is undoubtedly looking good.

But the manga only has three more volumes than the anime in terms of the original source material. The first three of the manga’s seven volumes have already been covered in the first season of Mieruko-chan. Considering that, it is likely that we will have to wait a little longer for the release of Mieruko-chan Season 2.

Given the aforementioned considerations, it is very likely that Mieruko-chan Season 2 will air. But, as was already mentioned, we will have to wait till the manga has enough content for a season renewal.

Mieruko-chan Action

Miko Yotsuya’s eyes well up with tears as she concentrates on a single point on her phone, oblivious to yet another terrifying monster staring her in the face while saying the unsettling words, “Can you see me?” Up until this point, Miko had a routine high school experience and only watched late-night horror movies for fun. She is the only one who is aware of the unseen monsters roaming freely among humans, though, since a fateful day.

Miko decides bravely that she will never, under any circumstances, accept the existence of the terrifying specters. Even if she acts as though they don’t exist, she can still see how they bother the people in her immediate vicinity, particularly her best friend, the vivacious and attractive Hana Yurikawa. Miko does her best to complete her schooling and stay out of any difficult situations in order to protect them from the monsters’ annoyances—even though they make her cry.

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