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The 2008 anime “Strike Witches” was the inspiration for the spin-off series “Luminous Witches,” which was made by Fumikane Shimada. “Allied Air Force Magical Idols Luminous Witches” (or simply “Luminous Witches,” for short) centers around a group of magic-wielding ladies outfitted with flying aircraft called Striker Units, similar like the original “Strike Witches.” The witches use these Striker Units to battle the Neuroi, an alien invasion menace that puts humanity in grave risk. But Luminous Witches distinguishes itself from its action-packed beginnings. The Luminous Witches use music to battle the Neuroi rather than magic and mayhem.

A group of witches who choose not to fight will appear in the Luminous Witches television series. Instead of fighting, they sing to cheer up those who have been harmed by the Neuroi, who obtain their energy by literally suckling up land and rendering many inhabitants of the Strike Witches franchise homeless. The original Strike Witches series was well-known online for its adorable cat girls and outrageous panty shots, but it also won the Jury Selection at the 12th Japan Media Arts Festival’s Animation Division.

The public has only lately learned several crucial aspects about Luminous Witches, despite the fact that fans have known about them for a while. Fans now have more information than ever on the publication date, cast, and storyline of Luminous Witches. There is no time to spend in talking about what viewers may expect in this upcoming show since the premiere of the first episode is just around the corner.

Luminous Witches Anime Release Date Announced!

Luminous Witches
Luminous Witches © Shaft

Anime News Network reports that Luminous Witches debuted at the franchise’s 10th anniversary celebration in 2018. It was slated for release in 2021 at the time and had the working title “Idol Witches.” Two years later, “Luminous Witches” producer Kadokawa debuted an official trailer on its official YouTube channel. The franchise has neither changed or postponed the release date of 2021.

The long wait is ended, though; Luminous Witches, an anime produced by the SHAFT animation company, will be released on July 3, 2022.

Who are the Characters in Luminous Witches?

Luminous Witches
Luminous Witches © Shaft

“Strike Witches” has always placed a strong emphasis on its characters. Each whole anime series, including its spin-offs like “Brave Witches,” gives a lot of attention to the group of witches that gave rise to the series in the first place. This is also true of Luminous Witches, whose creators have already revealed the group of witches viewers will get to know when the show premieres. What’s on the list?

  • Virginie Robertson as Mai Narumi
  • Shibuya Inori as Minako Hosokawa
  • Lyudmila Andreyevna Ruslanova as Friend Aimoto
  • Aila Payvikki Linnamar as Ryo Mamiya
  • Eleonore Giovanna Gassion as Tsuduki Sayaka
  • Maria Magdalene Dietrich as Kana Furunaka
  • Manaia Matawhaura Hato as Misaki Yuki
  • Sylvie Cariello: coming soon
  • Joanna Elizabeth Stafford: coming soon

What is the Story of Luminous Witches Anime?

Luminous Witches
Luminous Witches © Shaft

The characters in Luminous Witches are members of the same idol group as the girls that play them. Because of this, Luminous Witches departs from the franchise’s emphasis on violence and action and instead reimagines its universe as an idol anime (which, conveniently, still offers a forum for the franchise’s signature fanservice). The ensemble sings to people putting their lives in danger on the battlefield rather than using weapons and magic to face the Neuroi.

As a result, it is possible that concerts rather than fights will serve as the game’s climax. Apart from that, information on Luminous Witches’ main plot is scant. It is challenging to place Luminous Witches inside any one anime genre, so when it does release, viewers will have something intriguing to anticipate. When Luminous Witches comes out later this year, fans will undoubtedly discover more about the witches and their musical conflict.

Is There a Trailer For Luminous Witches Anime?

Yes! For readers who want to see and follow the story of the following Luminous Witches, we provide the trailer below.

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