Control Z Season 4: Will It Return?

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Season 3 of the Mexican teen mystery thriller “Control Z” on Netflix takes a darker tone than previous ones had. The National School’s kids are being tormented by the malicious games of an enigmatic hacker known only as @allyoursecrets, who presents them with ever-more hazardous challenges. Will Control Z season 4 exist? Let’s investigate!

Everyone is on edge as they all work to keep their personal secrets private in the wake of the school principal’s passing.

Spanish-language teen drama Control Z, which is produced in Mexico, unexpectedly proved popular during the pandemic. The show focused on a group of teens who were the target of a vindictive hacker who wanted to leak their most private information, and it created enough intrigue to warrant a second season, which was equally well-liked.

The Miguel Garca Moreno, Adriana Pelus, and Carlos Quintanilla-produced program debuted in May 2020 and received a third season renewal in August 2021. The complex mystery, known for its deep storylines and subplots, has captivated viewers for three seasons. Can more be anticipated? What is known about “Control Z” season 4 is listed below.

Control Z Season 4 Release Date: Cancelled or Renewed?

Control Z Season 4
Control Z © Netflix

On July 6, 2022, Control Z season 3 was made available on Netflix. Each of the eight episodes, which had a runtime of roughly 40 minutes, was canceled at once.

Fans of the program may be a little sad to find that there might not be a season 4 of the show. The Mexican mystery drama’s final season, season 3, will conclude the plot, according to a press release from Netflix (The Marked Heart Season 2). It may seem strange that the show is over given the potential season 3 twist, which implies that the main antagonist, @allyoursecrets, may still be on the loose.

On closer inspection, it becomes evident that the show’s story has ended. For starters, the story takes place at National School, where the characters no longer interact because they have graduated (the season 3 finale takes place on graduation day). It’s unclear that @allyoursecrets will continue now that the class has graduated because it essentially worked by taking advantage of the connected lives of a group of kids. Additionally, the tension and growing secret that built up from season 1 is ultimately completely released with the kids coming clean to the authorities and doing time doing community service.

Even the season 3 finale’s twist, which suggested that Ra’l was actually the main antagonist while being thought to be innocent, suggests that the plot has been resolved. Javier speculates in the climactic moments that Raal was responsible for the subsequent commotion in order to acquire Sofa. Sofa chooses Ral in the end and is last seen with him. Therefore, Ral doesn’t need to continue his blackmailing rampage as he already achieved what he wanted, even if he is actually the antagonist.

In the end, the tale of the action-packed mystery drama seemed to have been created with a predetermined conclusion. The show seems to be intended to be brief and intense, as new seasons continued where previous ones left off and the story generally moved at a fast pace. This conveniently complements the genre of the program and its main characters. Since the mystery is the basis of the program, it had to be resolved. The plot would also probably come to an end when the high school students in the show graduate, or at the very least take an abrupt turn.

Although fans would appreciate one or two more seasons of the program, it appears that “Control Z” is coming to an end. Given that some of the mystery around @allyoursecrets is still present, a spinoff is always a possibility. It seems quite improbable that “Control Z” season 4 will be produced, though, given the plot has clearly come to a dramatic conclusion at the end of season 3.

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