Fans find Behind Your Touch Yen Bun ‘SO ADORABLE’

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With the three episodes of Behind Your Touch released, the K-drama has become a fan favorite on Netflix. There are places where the story is a little incoherent, but the story moves greatly in the first and second episodes. A veterinarian and a detective meet by mistake. Sometimes she gets into absurd trouble, but let’s see who’s involved: the Seoul detective. Future episodes will add new twists to the story, and their destinies will be forever linked.

Fans find Behind Your Touch Yen Bun 'SO ADORABLE'

Behind Your Touch: What We Know

In Behind Your Touch, Bong-Ye Bun is a simple and sensitive girl with a heart of gold. She is a great daughter and a great veterinarian in her town. But fates have taken a significant turn in her life’s trajectory. She had not even completed high school when her mother committed suicide by drowning herself. She travels back to her maternal house where her aunt and grandpa live and run a veterinary hospital.

'Pilot Episode Was Fun'- Fans Are Overjoyed With Behind Your Touch

She befriends a tom-boy and studies hard to get into an excellent veterinary school. She becomes one but her grandpa never wished for or cherish her existence in the family. One day she goes to a farm to check on a pregnant and agitated cow. She examines her on the day a meteor shower occurs and hits the doctor quite hard that she wakes up after 3 days. new problems come to her and she has to get them solved but the hot-headed Detective Moon will not listen to her.

Fans find Behind Your Touch Yen Bun 'SO ADORABLE'

‘Ye Bun is so…’-Fans are Gaga about the main lead of the series

As the series Behind Your Touch is getting a lot of people’s love and attention; fans have become sympathetic towards the veterinarian Dr.Bo. A fan wrote- ‘yebun is so’. Another wrote- ‘lmfao yeah why butt of all parts, but is this the start of collaboration finally?’. A fan tweeted-‘She touched the cat and saw him took a shower and she wants to see the whole picture badly I can’t defend you anymore yebun’. Another wrote-‘hoping he’s just a lovely guy and not some sort of villain later lol’.

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