Kakegurui Twin: Trailer reveals the exact Netflix date of the anime

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In November 2021, Netflix announced that it’s ​​working on an anime adaptation of the “Kakegurui” spin-off manga “Kakegurui Twin”. The streaming giant has now released a trailer for the series, which also announces the exact worldwide release date. There is also a new visual to admire and the members of the production team are known.

Kakegurui Twin Release Date

Accordingly, the series will be available worldwide from August 4th, 2022 on Netflix. The anime is currently being developed by the well-known studio MAPPA. Yuichiro Hayashi takes on the post of general director, while Kaori Makita ( Twittering Birds Never Fly, Hell’s Paradise, among others ) directs. Shigeru Murakoshi (Zombie Land Saga S1 & S2, I’m Quitting Heroing ) takes care of the series composition and Manabu Nii (The Day I Became a God) contributes the character designs.

Kakegurui Twin Visual

Kakegurui Twin Anime Visual

In Japan, the spin-off manga currently comprises twelve volumes, to which author Homura Kawamoto is again contributing the story, while manga-ka Kei Saiki is taking care of the graphic implementation this time.

Kawamoto and artist Toru Naomura launched their main series, Kakegurui, in Square Enix’s Gangan Joker magazine back in 2014.

The main story has also inspired two seasons of a TV anime and two seasons of a live-action series, all of which can be streamed on Netflix.

Kakegurui Twin Trailer

Kakegurui Twin: Action

A year before Yumeko Jabami joins Hyakkaou Private Academy, Mary Saotome transfers to the school. She quickly learns that it’s not your grades in school or your skill at the sport that determines how high you rank at the academy, but your own gambling skills – and Mary is determined to be among the winners.