Heartbeat on Netflix: Release date, plot, And Cast

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The upcoming Korean drama Heartbeat is an action, fantasy, and comedy genre next fantasy drama on Netflix. In the year 2023, many fantasy Korean dramas are added to the best 2023 fantasy Korean dramas such as The Heavenly Idol and Tale of Nine-Tailed 1938 were released in 2023 which got overwhelming responses from the audience and critics

Heart Beat is a modern vampire Korean drama that features Vincenzo frame actor Taecyeon in the lead role along with So-hee Yoon, Yoon Byung-hee, Seo Hoo Beak, and others in the lead role. It was written by Jung Seung-joo and Kim Ha-na written in Korean drama and directed by Lee Min-soo and Lee Hyun-seok. The main production company Monster Union will be produced the series. Heart Beat is also known as My Heart Is Beating, My Heart Beats and Gaseumi Ttwainda. 


When will be Heartbeat released?

Heartbeat Korean drama will be released on the streaming platform Netflix in the Korean language on June 26th, 2023 and new episodes will be released on Monday to Tuesday. As per RadioTimes, the series has a total number of 16 episodes which take from June to August.

Heart Beat on Netflix: Release date, plot, and all you need to know about the K Drama

Which OTT platform Heartbeat will be released?

Korean drama Heartbeat will be released on Netflix on 26th June 2023 on Monday and Tuesday it will be released in new episodes in the Korean language but it’s not confirmed yet whether it will be released in English or not which is not known yet.

The cast of Heart Beat

The star cast of Heartbeat is Ok Taecyeon as Seon Woo-hyul, Yoon So-hee as Yoon Hae-seon/ Na Hae-won, Won Ji-an as Joo In-hae and Park Kang-hyun as Shin Do-sik in the lead role along with other supporting cast members Yoon Byung-hee, Beak Seo-hoo, Ko Kyu-pil, and Seung-you in the major roles.

Heart Beat on Netflix: Release date, plot, and all you need to know about the K Drama

The Plot of Heartbeat

The plot of Heartbeat as per Asianwiki is focused on Seon Woo-hyul who is a half-human and half-vampire who wakes up in the modern world he discovers that Joo In-hae is like his love interest and also the owner of the guest house. Somehow they fall in love with each other and support themselves. There are two questions- why Seon Woo-hyul wants to become human? Is Seon Woo-hyul and Joo In-hae will together? For that, you have to wait till 26th June 2023 on Netflix.


You can watch ‘Heartbeat’s Official Trailer below.

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