Longing For You On Netflix: Top 5 Mystery K drama to explore

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Longing for you: We typically use our free time to watch movies and television shows as a kind of amusement. It is inherently human nature to create some fiction in order to escape from reality. In relation to that, have you already thought about what to watch after finishing a drama? To satisfy your desire for drama, though, you should first be aware of your preferred genres.

Do you enjoy watching romantic comedies on television? SF dramas? Melodramas? Or do you prefer crime-solving, mind-bending twists and gory sequences in your mystery-thriller dramas? If you are a mystery thriller drama lover, then you would love the following article. Don’t forget to check it out frequently, as new action, thriller, mystery, and/or crime K dramas on Netflix or any other platforms will be added over time.

Longing for you
Credit: ENA

Longing For You: Top 5 Mystery K drama to explore

Taxi Driver 2

Kim Do Ki makes a comeback as a deluxe taxi driver for the “revenge-call” service provider Rainbow Taxi Company. He provides retribution services for people who are unable to take care of themselves with the help of his former coworkers. (Lee Je Hoon and Pyo Ye Jin).

longing for you
Credit: Studio S/imbd

Brain works

Well-known researcher Shin Ha Ru just lost his job at Brain Hub for buying a brain from a criminal illegally. He begins collaborating with law enforcement to solve crimes. He meets the dedicated team leader Seol So Jung, who has undergone a personality shift as a result of an injury, and the detective Geum Myung Se, who he frequently misunderstands.

longing for you
Credit: Samhwa Networks/imbd


The sole child of Daehan Group is Won Mi Ho. His father sends her to Jeju Island to hide out after she becomes embroiled in a controversy. Monsters start pursuing her when she gets to Jeju and attempt to murder her. She hires Van as her bodyguard after being saved by him; he is a mystery man. She also runs with Jo Han, a priest with a speciality in exorcism. They will attempt to combat bad spirits and demons together.

longing for you
Credit: Amazon Prime Video

Big Mouth

A lawyer named Park Chang Ho only just prevails in his cases. When he accepts a case that concerns the wealthy, he finds himself in danger. He gets imprisoned after being falsely accused of being the most wanted con artist, “Big Mouth”. His nurse wife, Go Mi Ho, seeks to look into the matter to support her husband in clearing his name.

longing for you
Credit: Netflix


 One of the top rangers in South Korea’s well-known mountain, Jirisan, is Seo Yi Gang. She collaborates with other rangers whose responsibility it is to find missing or stranded hikers and bring them to safety. Kang Hyun Jo, a recent graduate of the military college, joins her team and possesses the rare ability to see visions of death that take place on the mountain.

longing for you
credit: AStory Studio Dragon Baram Pictures

With the above-mentioned list, we are also waiting for the mystery thriller-based drama “Longing for you” on ENA and Netflix. So if you are a constant mystery drama lover, then don’t forget to watch Longing for You from 26th July 2023.

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