Have “Spy x Family” products become slow sellers?

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After a photo surfaced showing a counter full of unsold merchandise of Anya Forger from “Spy x Family,” fans are seeing the hype around the franchise gradually die down.

Spy x Family: Merchandise piles up

Of course, two more seasons have now passed since the second installment of “Spy x Family” aired in the fall of 2022, so it’s probably normal for the hype to die down a bit.

Regardless of this, the image from some supermarket has rather little significance about the popularity of an anime. After all, it already happened in the past that supermarkets sold sweets of the sugary sweet Anya.

But all that should soon change again, because the broadcast of the second season is imminent and also the feature film “Spy x Family – Code: White” will follow later this year. By then, at the latest, the shelves with merchandise for “Spy x Family” could empty again very quickly.

Spy x Family” is based on the original manga series of the same name by Tatsuya Endou, which has been published in the online magazine “Shounen Jump+” since March 2019. According to current planning, the first season of the series will be released from the 18th of March.


Spy x Family - Merchandise piles up

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