Harem manga “TenPuru” gets anime series + Trailer

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Through the opening of an official website, it was announced that the harem manga “TenPuru: No One Can Live on Loneliness” will be adapted as an anime series, which is scheduled to air in Japan during 2023. You can find a first trailer further down in this article.

TenPuru Anime is being created at Studio Gekkou

The series is being directed by Kazuomi Koga (“Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible”) at Studio Gekkou. Youhei Kashii (“Battle Atheletes Victory ReSTART!”) is handling series composition, while Masato Katsumata (“The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie”) is contributing character design.

The Japanese voice cast includes Aimi Terakawa (Kasumi in “BanG Dream!”) as Yuzuki Aoba and Masayuki Akasaka (Yoshiaki Kibe in “Rent-A-Girlfriend”) as Akemitsu Akegami, while Nanami Yamashita (Miku in “DARLING in the FRANXX”) voices the character Kurage Aoba and Yuu Serizawa (Iroha in “Real Girl”) takes on the role of Tsukuyo Aoba.

The original manga series was penned by Kimitake Yoshioka and has been published in “Comic Days” magazine since September 2018. So far, seven volumes have been published in Japan. An eighth volume has been announced for January 23, 2023. The work is not yet available in this country.

TenPuru Anime Trailer

TenPuru Anime Visual

Tenpuru Anime Visual
© Studio Gekkou

TenPuru Storyline

Although Akemitsu Akegami’s father has always told him that no one can live alone, he is determined to do so. After all, his father never had the best intentions and Akemitsu doesn’t want to become a creep like him. However, a chance encounter with a young woman leaves him with impure thoughts.

As a result, he decides to become a Buddhist monk and renounce worldly life. However, the temple he wants to dedicate himself to is full of women and his chance encounter is also there…

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