Gen V: What happens in Season 2 of “The Boys” spin-off! The season 1 finale explained

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Season 1 of “Gen V” ended with a cliffhanger that will be resolved in season 4 of “The Boys”. AWSMONE reveals what happened in the finale and what awaits us in “Gen V” season 2.

  • “Gen V” is the first live-action spin-off from the world of “The Boys”.
  • Although the series is obviously aimed at a younger audience, the Amazon Prime Video production does not hold back when it comes to violence.
  • The first season has now been released in its entirety and the finale featured several “The Boys” cameos.

“The Boys” focuses on the fight against evil superheroes, while in “Gen V” the focus is on a new generation of heroes. Of course, it’s no surprise that there are black sheep here too, even if even the worst student at Godolkin University isn’t as beastly as Homelander.

The latter paid a visit to “The Boys” spin-off in the big season finale, which already established a link to The Boys season 4. But what happens after the bloody conclusion of “Gen V“?

Gen V: How season 1 ended

Gen V Season 1 Ending

In the finale of “Gen V” season 1, Cate and Sam free the imprisoned students from “The Woods”, who are now out for revenge. A bloodbath ensues on the campus of Godolkin University, in which the young supes target the people who allowed the cruel experiments to be carried out on them.

Emma, Marie, Andre and Jordan want to put an end to the horror, and they actually manage to neutralize Sam and Cate and kill the other “The Woods” students. Afterwards, Homelander appears on campus, but his main target is Marie. He criticizes her for fighting against her own kind and attacks her.

After a time jump, we see that Sam and Cate are labeled “New Heroes of Godolkin” by Vought, while Emma, Marie, Andre and Jordan are blamed for the rampage at God U. Marie, meanwhile, wakes up with her friends in a white room with no doors. Where are they and how do they get out?

In a short scene after the credits, we also see Billy Butcher investigating the now empty “The Woods” facility.

Gen V: Where does the story go from here?

Gen V Season 2 Plot

A 2nd season of “Gen V” has already been confirmed, but “The Boys” season 4 awaits us in 2024. This will continue the storyline from “Gen V” season 1 and “Gen V” season 2 will be a continuation of “The Boys” season 4. The two series will therefore go hand in hand from now on.

It is conceivable that Sam or Cate will be part of the Seven in “The Boys” season 4; after all, the “Gen V” finale was looking for a new member for the superhero team. However, we may not see Emma and Co. again until “Gen V” season 2, as they were presumably locked up by Vought to prevent them from telling the truth.

The virus that Dean Shetty had created in “The Woods” and that can be used to kill Supes will of course play a major role in both series. Victoria Neuman now has the virus with her, but our “Gen V” heroes also know about it. Although the virus is very dangerous, Billy Butcher and his boys might be interested in it, as it is a promising weapon against Homelander.

When will “Gen V” season 2 be released?

Gen V Season 2 Release

There is no official release date for Gen V season 2 yet. However, it is safe to assume that the new episodes will start on Amazon Prime Video in 2025. On the one hand, filming has not yet begun and cannot start until the actors’ strike in the USA ends.

On the other hand, Amazon has already planned the start of “The Boys” season 4 for 2024 and as both series build on each other, “Gen V” season 2 can only start after the 4th season of “The Boys”. More concrete information can probably be expected in summer 2024 at the earliest.

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