The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die – Ending Explained

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The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die is the epic and dramatic finale of the Netflix series, based on the last three novels of Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Stories. The two-hour movie is a fantastic conclusion to the unification of England, leaving the audience in awe of the thrilling action scenes and the fate of their beloved characters.

The story takes place several years after the events of The Last Kingdom season 5, where Uhtred has finally reclaimed his ancestral seat at Bebbanburg. The Seven Kings Must Die narrates the tale of Uhtred’s final battle, which is the ultimate step towards unifying England.

The Battle of Brunanburh is a significant fight for Uhtred, who has been fighting for it his whole life. The movie presents the story in a thrilling style, with action-packed scenes that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Did Uhtred Really Die?

One of the most significant questions that fans have been asking is whether Uhtred dies at the end of Seven Kings Must Die. While the movie implies that Uhtred dies, the final scene leaves his fate somewhat open-ended.

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die Death
The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die © Netflix

The vision of Valhalla that Uhtred sees suggests that he is about to die. However, the voice-over from Finan states that his fate was unknown in the chronicles, leaving the audience to interpret it as they wish.

Although it seems unlikely that Uhtred survived the serious injuries he sustained at the Battle of Brunanburh, the movie does not definitively confirm his death. The audience has formed a strong bond with Uhtred’s character, so it is fitting to leave his ultimate fate up to the viewers.

Ingilmundr and Aethelstan’s Relationship

Ingilmundr is an intriguing new character in The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die who has a clandestine romance with Aethelstan. While their affection appears sincere, it’s eventually exposed that Ingilmundr is working for Anlaf and is attempting to convince Aethelstan to go to war against the other kings in Britain.

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Cast
The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die © Netflix

Ingilmundr, posing as a devout Christian, uses faith to manipulate Aethelstan. However, Uhtred eventually figures it out and informs Aethelstan, who initially refuses to believe it. Eventually, the proof becomes undeniable, and Aethelstan orders the execution of Ingilmundr after the Battle of Brunanburh.

Before he died, Ingilmundr confessed that he had feelings for Aethelstan, but their relationship was only a means for him to control Aethelstan. Despite some genuine love between them, Ingilmundr chooses his people over Aethelstan.

The Seven Kings Must Die Prophecy

The Seven Kings Must Die prophecy mostly refers to uncrowned future kings. Five kings lost their sons in battles namely Orkney, Man, Shetland, Strathclyde, and Scotland. With the death of King Edward at the start of Seven Kings Must Die, the number of dead kings becomes six.

The seventh could be Uhtred, who, as is pointed out several times, is not a king but a warrior. However, the prophecy can also be interpreted differently. The seventh king could be Aethelstan, who is not yet crowned but is on the verge of becoming the first king of England.

In the end, both Uhtred and Aethelstan are involved in the battle that fulfills the prophecy, leaving it up to the audience to decide who the seventh king truly is.

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Cast Finale
The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die © Netflix

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die concludes the series with a bang, providing closure to some plotlines while keeping others open for interpretation. Uhtred’s destiny is left uncertain, but it is a fitting conclusion for a beloved character.

The introduction of new characters, like Ingilmundr, adds more layers to the story and makes it more complex. The Seven Kings Must Die prophecy is executed in a way that is both gratifying and fulfilling, and the battle scenes are truly epic and exciting.

Overall, The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die is a must-see for fans of the series, as well as for those who appreciate historical dramas. It will leave you captivated and breathless till the very end, leaving you pondering over the characters and their destinies long after the credits have rolled.

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