Endride Season 2: Will the show ever get a sequel?

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Will there ever be Endride Season 2? Will a sequel ever be released?

If there were an undervalued television program, it would definitely be Endride. Endride is not by any means a horrible program; it is just one of many original series that didn’t really leave a huge effect on the audience. Despite its slow pacing and abundance of filler, Endride has an intriguing plot that is likely to appeal to a wide audience.

Endride follows 15-year-old junior high school student Shun Asanaga as he unexpectedly finds himself locked in a fantastical realm after touching a mysterious crystal in his father’s office.

A smartphone game named Endride: X Fragments and an anime series with the same name make up the Japanese multimedia project Endride. Kazushi Hagiwara and Nobuhiro Watsuki, who created the original character, are the brains behind this endeavor.

Endride Season 2 Renewal Status

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Endride was an anime series created by Brain’s Base, an animation company best known for successful anime films including Durarara!!, My Little Monster, the first season of Oregairu, and others. Lapin Track is in charge of the show’s production as well.

The first episode of Endride debuted on April 3, 2016, and the series continued for 24 episodes before ending on September 25 of the same year. The run of the show wasn’t particularly strong. Not a few viewers, nevertheless, fell in love with the show, and some of them have even called for a sequel to see how the story ends. What is the current status of Endride Season 2’s renewal? Will we see it soon?

As of the right moment, neither the author nor the studio has commented on Endride Season 2. Whether or not the season will be renewed is unknown. It hasn’t been postponed, though, so there’s a chance it’ll come back. What are the odds, though?

Will Endride Season 2 be feasible?

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Unfortunately, a second season of Endride would be quite unlikely. The anime series’ poor reception by many viewers is the primary cause. MyAnimeList gave the show a below-average rating of 5.60. Not to mention that only 71k people have joined it on the same platform.

In reality, the Endride video game series serves as a prequel to the anime series. Takumi Miyajima wrote the plot for the game, which was illustrated by Hidari. Some of the characters will return in the game even though the plot differs slightly from the anime. Not to mention, the game is set three years after the events of the anime.

With those facts, it is best to assume that Endride Season 2 won’t air again. However, if somehow an announcement regarding a sequel would be made in the future, we will surely let you guys know and keep you up to date.

Endride Action

15-year-old junior high school student Shun Asanaga has a positive outlook on life and is quite intelligent. He discovers a fascinating crystal in his father’s office, a scientist and businessman, one day. As Shun touches it, the universe is altered and he is transported into Endra’s realm. Nearing his sixteenth birthday, Emilio, a prince of the country of Endra, hates the current monarch, Delzain.

Emilio picks up a weapon and seeks retribution because he can now inherit the throne at this age. But because Emilio is so frail, Delzain kidnaps him and imprisons him. Emilio’s cell wall distorts as he is grieving, and Shun emerges from there with the intention of going back to his home world and completing Emilio’s retribution. What is in store for the two brothers who were reared on two separate planets but are currently attempting to survive in Endra?

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