Demon Slayer – Hashira Training Arc: Everything you need to know

*Spoilers ahead for Kimestu No Yaiba*

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Ufotable announced the upcoming season 4 – ‘Hashira Training Arc’, right after the end of Season 3. Demon Slayer – ‘To the Swordsmith Village arc’ has ended, with yet another Upper Moon Demon (Hantengu) dead, and now it’s only Muzan and 3 other Upper Moon Demons (Kokushibo, Doma, and Akaza) left.

With 2 Upper Moon Demons deaths to his name (Hantengu and Gyuataro & Daki), it is reasonable that Tanjiro begins his journey to becoming a Hashira. Easier said than done, becoming a Hashira, could see Tanjiro face his toughest training battles yet. 

In the manga, ‘Kimetsu No Yaiba’, ‘Hashira Training Arc’ has 9 chapters. It is uncertain whether Ufotable will release an entire season or even a special format, adapting the chapters into a movie. ‘Hashira Training Arc’ could also adapt to the beginning of the ‘Final Battle Arc’. 

Demon Slayer Season 4 – Hashira Training Arc expectations

The teaser for ‘Hashira Training Arc’ revealed the final 8 Hashiras, so it is likely that Tanjiro is to train with most of them in the new season. Sound Hashira – Tengen Uzi, Mist Hashira- Muichiro Tokito, and Love Hashira- Mitsuri Kanroji have already starred in the previous seasons of the show, so chances of them taking the limelight are minimal.

Here are a few potential Hashiras Tanjiro could train within the new season

Stone Hashira – Gyomei Himejima

One of the strongest, if not the strongest Hashira of them all, the Stone Hashira – Gyomei Himejima is likely to mentor Tanjiro. I mean if you have to become the strongest, you have to learn from the strongest.

Gyomei is the tallest and the most muscular among all Hashiras. He is giant and towers over the rest of the Hashiras but is surprisingly soft-spoken and sweet. A gentle giant, sort of. He gained the rank of Hashira, in a mere, two months. 

Water Hashira- Giyu Tomioka

The Water Hashira, went above and beyond for Tanjiro and Nezuko, so far as to violate the Demon Slayer Corps code, to protect Nezuko from the Insect Hashira, Shinobu Kocho. Giyu was one of the first Hashiras to make an appearance in the show, and chances of him reuniting with Tanjiro in ‘Hashira Training Arc’ is likely. 

Sakonji Urokodaki

The former Water Hashira could be making a comeback in the show. Sakonji is the former mentor of Tanjiro who taught him the Water Breathing Style. The current water Hashira – Giyu Tomioka was his student. Having taught many students to become Demon Slayers, the former Water Hashira could once again lend his help to Tanjiro. 

Tanjiro could also face off with the Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa, who is the elder brother of Genya Shinazugawa. He had previously stabbed Nezuko and then slashed his own arm in order to bait Nezuko into attacking him, however, Nezuko does not attack him.

Hashira Training Arc
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Demon Slayer – The Story So Far

In the Finale of season 3 of Demon Slayer, Tanjiro after killing the Upper Moon Demon 4 – Hantengu drops to the ground and cries as his sister sacrifices herself to save the others. Tanjiro realizes that his sister who is a demon has turned to ashes but to his surprise, she did not. 

The season has a notable ending with 3 Upper Moon Demons dead and Nezuko being immune to sunlight. However, it is not a happy ending as Muzan sets his sights on Nezuko, as consuming her would make him immune to sunlight and then complete his immortal form.

Source – Ufotable

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