“Chainsaw Man” mangaka envies author of “Oshi no Ko”

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During an interview with Japanese publisher Shueisha, “Chainsaw Man” mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto expressed that he envied Aka Akasaka, the author of “Oshi no Ko,” for a specific reason. We summarize the details for you below.

Soon to be just an author?

Soon to be just an author

Even though the anime adaptation of “Chainsaw Man” fell short of great expectations among some fans, the manga enjoys enormous popularity worldwide, behind only a few works. So what reason would Fujimoto have to envy his colleague?

According to Fujimoto, it’s not about success, but rather about the way the work is done. After completing the manga series “Kaguya-sama: Love is War,” Akasaka hung up his career as a mangaka and wanted to work purely as an author from then on. Therefore, in his current manga series “Oshi no Ko,” he teamed up with Mengo Yukoyari, who contributes all the drawing work.

Fujimoto says he would like to do it exactly the same way. While it’s a lot of fun to have the plot merge with the drawings, he would much rather focus more on the story itself. So it could well be that “Chainsaw Man” will be Tatsuki Fujimoto’s last self-drawn work.

But it will probably be some time before that happens. “Chainsaw Man” has been published on the “Shounen Jump+” website since December 2018, and only heralded the second part in the summer of 2022.

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