There is no Bocchi The Rock Season 2 Yet? But a Movie Announced!!

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Bocchi the Rock is a hit anime series that follows the adventures of Bocchi and her friends as they form a rock band to overcome their social anxiety. The anime is based on a manga by Aki Hamaji, which has a loyal fanbase for its humor, heart, and realistic portrayal of mental health issues. The first season of the anime, produced by CloverWorks, aired in 2022 and covered about 20 chapters of the manga. Fans eagerly await Bocchi the Rock: Season 2 to see more of their favorite characters and musical journey.

The good news is that plenty of source material is left for a second season. The manga has over 50 chapters that have not been adapted yet, and it is still ongoing. This means there is a high chance that Bocchi the Rock: Season 2 will happen sooner or later. Here are some details you need to know about Bocchi the Rock: Season 2.

Will there be Bocchi The Rock Season 2?

Bocchi The Rock Season 2: AWSMONE

Fans of the musical comedy anime Bocchi The Rock want about season 2. As per the manga, season 1 of Bocchi The Rock covers 20 chapters. The total number of volumes of manga is 5 which means there are more stories to cover in the anime. There is no confirmation or denial from the Clover Works studio company, which has not hinted yet, but it is possible that there will be season 2 of Bocchi The Rock.

Bocchi the Rock! gets a compilation film

On the official Twitter account of the anime series Bocchi the Rock! it was announced that it will receive a compilation film.

Film to be released in spring 2024

The compilation film, which will be released in Japanese theaters in spring 2024, summarizes the twelve-episode original series that aired on Japanese television between October and December 2022. A video and a visual of the announcement can be found below.

Bocchi the Rock was created under the direction of director Keiichirou Saitou (ACCA), who was supported by Yuusuke Yamamoto (episode director on My Dress-Up Darling), at the CloverWorks studio. Erika Yoshida (“Tower of God”) wrote the screenplay, while Kerorira (Key Animation on “Suzume”) was responsible for the character design.

Is there any release date for Bocchi The Rock season 2?

Bocchi The Rock Season 2: AWSMONE

As mentioned above the creators of the anime Bocchi The Rock have confirmed or denied season 2 of Bocchi The Rock. It’s delayed because of another project Clover Studio is working on. The expected release date of Bocchi The Rock season 2 in 2024 will be revealed by the makers.

Who is the voice cast of Bocchi The Rock season 2?

Bocchi The Rock Season 2: AWSMSONE

Here is the voice cast of the Bocchi The Rock season 2:-

  • Hitori Gotoh, Voiced by Yoshima Aoyama
  • Ryo Yamada, Voiced by Saku Mizuno
  • Nijka Ijchi, Voiced by Sayumi Suzushiro
  • Ikuyo Kita, Voiced by Ikumi Hasegawa
  • PA-San, Voiced by Katori Koiwai
  • Seika Ijichi, Voiced by Maaya Uchida
  • Michiyo Gotoh, Voiced by Junji Majima
  • Naoki Gotoh, Voiced by Rie Suegara
  • Fulari Gotoh, Voiced by Misaki Watada

What was the plot of season 1 of Bocchi’s The Rock?

Bocchi The Rock Season 2: AWSMONE

Bocchi The Rock season 1 plot revolves around an introverted high school girl Hitori Gotoh has no friends and for that she used her talent which is playing Guitar and her passion to rock music for that she joined her school music band.

What will be the expected plot of Bocchi The Rock season 2?

The expected storyline of Bocchi the Rock season 2 will begin from season 1, ending when Bocci’s band is performing at their school festival, and during that, Bocchi breaks her guitar’s string due to nervousness. Meanwhile, due to the support of her friends, they performed well in the school festival.

It will be focused after the festival day, where Bocchi and her band members will explore themselves.

Bocchi The Rock Season 2: AWSMONE

Latest news related to the Bocchi The Rock season 2:

There is no latest information related to Bocchi The Rock season 2 but a live stage performance will happen on August 11-20, 2023 which was held in Milano-Za Theater in Tokyo titled Bocchi The Rock. This live stage show was written and directed by Akira Yamazaki.

Critically Performances of Bocchi The Rock Season 1

Bocchi The Rock is not popular compared to Chainsaw Man, Spy x Family, and Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood. Despite these, it got an IMDb rating of around 8.3 out of 10. Also secured a position in the My Anime List in Top Fall 2022 anime. 

Bocchi The Rock season 1 got mixed reviews from the audience and critics, some claiming it was just a cringe comedy drama. But some audiences claimed it’s a unique comedy with music added. Also, said character Hitori, aka Bocchi, is relatable as an introverted person who faces issues during the music concert, which is relevant in these days where anxiety and nervousness occur during performances in front of the public.

Bocchi The Rock Season 2: AWSMONE

Where to watch Bocchi The Rock season 2?

Bocchi The Rock season 1 is available on various platforms due to the selectable regions on Netflix and other streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, which are available in Japanese and English dubbed per viewers’ recommendations. If you haven’t watched Bocchi The Rock season 1, watch it now before streaming season 2.

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