Birdie Wing: Hints of second season surfaced

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The currently running original anime “Birdie Wing: Golf Girls’ Story” is approaching its end with big steps. That this may not yet be the finale of the story, however, suggest new clues.

Birdie Wing Season 2

The official Twitter account for the anime itself with two thoughtful smileys pointed out that in the course of the disc release of the series there is talk of a Blu-Ray box for “Season 1”. And where there is an explicitly mentioned “Season 1”, a “Season 2” is often not far away. This would also be supported by the current development of the story, which, despite the final 13th episode in the coming week, has just started in a new arc, which will be difficult to finalize within one episode. An official announcement of further episodes is currently pending.

Takayuki Inagaki (Rosario + Vampire, Chio’s School Road) directed Bandai Namco Pictures. Meanwhile, Yousuke Kuroda (Mobile Suit Gundam 00, My Hero Academia) took care of the scripts of the series. Kohmi Hirose contributed the theme song to the anime. The production team was also supported by professional golf coach Toru Inoue, who is also the coach of the Junior World Golf Championship Team of Japan. In addition to Bandai Namco Pictures, the Global Golf Media Group was also involved in the production of the series. Kohmi Hirose was responsible for the opening entitled “Venus Line”. The series can be followed via Crunchyroll every Wednesday in a simulcast.

Birdie Wing: Promo Video

Birdie Wing: Action

Eve is a genius in golf and spends her days playing golf to make a living. One day she has a fateful encounter with the elite golfer Aoi Amawashi. Two geniuses who live in completely different worlds meet and it only took one shot each to convince the other of themselves. The two are attracted to each other, influence each other and are about to develop further.