Bastard!!: Promo video reveals opening song

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For the upcoming anime “Bastard!!” a new promo video has been released on the Youtube channel of Warner Bros. Japan, revealing the opening song “Bloody Power Fame” by coldrain. In addition, a new cast member is known.

Bastard!! © Shueisha

The anime will be created in the studio LIDEN FILMS under the direction of Takaharu Ozaki (including Goblin Slayer). Yousuke Kuroda (including My Hero Academia) is responsible for the composition of the series, while Sayaka Ono (including CROSS ANGE Rondo of Angel and Dragon) takes over the design of the characters. The musical accompaniment is provided by the duo of Yasunori Ebi (including Naruto) and Yasuharu Takanashi (including Naruto Shippuuden; Fairy Tail). The band coldrain, who already contributed a theme song to the series “Fire Force” with “MAYDAY”, will perform the opening already mentioned above. The ending, on the other hand, comes from Tielle. The first 13 episodes are scheduled to be released worldwide on Netflix on June 30, 2022. The remaining episodes 14 to 24 are scheduled to follow later this year.

New in the cast is:

  • Mami Koyama as God of Destruction Anthrasax

The manga started in 1988, Manga-ka Hagiwara started his series “Bastard!!”, in which many names were inspired by well-known rock and metal bands, in 1988 in Shueisha’s well-known “Weekly Shonen Jump” magazine, where it appeared until 2000. Since 2001, the manga has been published with irregular interruptions in the “Ultra Jump”. So far, there are a total of 27 anthologies. For some time now, the series has been in the status “paused”.

Previously, a total of six OVAs were produced for the franchise. These were created in 1992 – 30 years ago – in studio AIC under the direction of Katsuhito Akiyama.

Bastard!! Promo Video

Bastard!!: Action

15 years have passed since the last war and peace reigns in the Kingdom of Metallicana. But he is threatened by the sinister warrior Osborn, who stands with his mighty army outside the walls. The realm is on the verge of destruction and only the powerful magician Dark Schneider can bring salvation…

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