‘Baki Hanma Season 2’: Release, Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer – All You Need to  Know!

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The long-awaited ‘Baki Hanma Season 2’ is almost here! Get ready for more epic adventures with this breakdown of the release date, plot details, cast members, and an exclusive look at the official trailer.

The anime is the sequel to ‘Baki’ which is based on the martial arts manga ‘Baki the Grappler’ by Keisuke Itakagi. Season 2 will be based on the Pickle Arc from the manga. It will be exciting to see whether Baki will finally be able to defeat his father, Yujirou Hanma. 

‘Baki Hanma Season 2’ Release Date: Mark Your Calendars

The premiere date for ‘Baki Season 2’ has been confirmed, and will be split in two parts. Part 1 is titled ‘The Tale of Pickle’ & ‘The Pickle War Saga’ and Part 2 is ‘The Father vs. Son Saga’. Part 1 will be available on July 26, 2023, and Part 2 will be available on August 24, 2023.


‘Baki Hanma Season 2’: Where to Watch?

‘Baki Hanma Season 2’ will be available on Netflix, as the anime is a Netflix Original. The premiere season of Baki is also available on Netflix.

‘Baki Hanma Season 2’: Plot

The first season ended with Baki Hanma defeating Biscuit Oliva, who is the strongest man in America, and second only to Yujirou Hanma in the world. Baki aims to fight his father, to claim the title of the strongest man in the world. 

The First Part of the ‘Baki Hanma Season 2’ will focus on Pickle, a caveman who was preserved in Ice when the great asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs hit the planet. He is brought back to life by Dr. Albert Payne. 

The trailer for season 2 showcased Pickle’s fight against others in the Baki Universe. In one scene Pickle literally went teeth to teeth with the steroid monster, Jack Hanma. Part 2 will have the long-awaited battle between the father and son for the title of the strongest in the world. 

Baki Hanma Season 2

‘Baki Hanma Season 2’: Cast

Pickle and Dr. Albert Payne are the new characters being added to the second season, while the majority of characters from the previous season return to the anime. Here’s a look at everyone featuring in the anime

  • Baki Hanma (Nobunaga Shimazaki/Johnny Yong Bosch)
  • Yujirou Hanma (Akio Otsuka/Mark Diraison)
  • Retsu Kaioh (Kenjiro Tsuda/Greg Chun)
  • Pickle (Takeshi Kusao)
  • Dr. Albert Payne (Nobuo Tobita)
  • Jack Hanma (Takuya Eguchi/Chris Rager)

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