Anonymous post criticizes behavior of some otakus in Japan

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A few days ago, a post appeared on the anonymous Internet portal Hatelabo in which someone criticized today’s otakus, accusing them of watching anime only for sexual pleasure. We summarize the discussion.

Clear statement

Anonymous Post Criticizes Behavior Of Some Otakus In Japan

No wonder that the user wants to remain anonymous on such a topic and therefore chose Hatelabo Anonymous Diary as a platform. Because with his claim that today’s otakus no longer appreciate the value of anime and are only interested in its sexual elements, he made a clear statement and probably expected a shitstorm.

Specifically, the user wrote the following in his post: “Otakus of today are people who like to look at erotic illustrations and read perverted fan fictions. They are only interested in the sexual elements of an anime. Anyone who doesn’t want to watch something like that is defamed and ostracized as a ‘fake otaku’ – even if they actually love anime and manga.”

In fact, this topic developed into a constructive discussion, of which we have summarized some comments for you below:

  • “Even though I would like to deny it, I have to admit that I have actually watched an anime more than once with only sexual intentions.”
  • “That’s a fact. Any anime that wants to use normal or even unattractive girls these days will not succeed. That’s the anime industry today.”
  • “Today’s character designs are aimed at creating sexual attraction.”
  • “There aren’t many anime with interesting stories anymore, so they resort to erotic elements to captivate the audience.”
  • “Isn’t it actually the other way around? I think more and more anime contain erotica because that’s what’s popular these days. Don’t you?”
  • “Anyone who wants to deny that should make a list of anime they would watch entirely with their parents. Quite difficult, isn’t it?”
  • “Otakus used to just play erotic video games. But those died out and merged with anime, leading to today’s anime.”

What do you guys think about this topic? Have you also ever watched an anime just for sexual interest or are you more concerned with the story? Let us know in the comments!

Via Hatelabo Anonymous Diary

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