Otaku Elf: Anime adaptation announced

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As has now been announced, the manga “Otaku Elf” (jap.: Edomae Elf) by Akihiko Higuchi will receive an anime adaptation. The first details of the planned project, a visual and promo video have been published.

Otaku Elf anime adaptation announced

Accordingly, the TV anime is created by studio C2C under the direction of Takebumi Anzai (including PuraOre! Pride of Orange). Shogo Yasukawa (including Food Wars!; JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) will supervise the project and write the script. Takeshi Oda (including M3 the dark metal) also has a dual role as character designer and chief animation director. The music is composed by Akito Matsuda (including Non Non Biyori).

Otaku Elf Anime Visual

Otaku Elf Anime Visual
Otaku Elf © Kodansha

The following cast members are known:

  • Yuka Ozaki as Koito
Otaku Elf - Koito Juni
Otaku Elf © Kodansha
  • Ami Koshimizu as Elda
Otaku Elf - Elda Juni
Otaku Elf © Kodansha

For the first time, Higuchi launched the series in 2019 in Kodansha’s “Shonen Magazine Edge”. Very soon the sixth anthology will be published in Japan. The publisher Seven Seas was able to secure the rights of the English-language version and has already published three volumes.

Otaku Elf Anime Promo Video

Otaku Elf: Action

Koganei Koito is a teenager who earns her money as a servant of Takamichi Shrine. Rumor has it that a deity lives in the shrine, but the actual inhabitant is an immortal elf who has been stuck on Earth for about four hundred years. In addition, the elf is very enclosed in herself, hardly goes out the door and has developed a preference for video games.

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