The Flash director Andy Muschietti set to helm new Batman film

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Famous filmmaker Andy Muschietti whose latest directorial movie The Flash movie is now in theaters in various countries around the world and also available in languages in India. Andy Muschietti has already said in many interviews that he wants to direct the new Batman film in James Gunn’s DC universe which was in the process of selecting. There is already a Batman movie in the Robert Pattinson featured Batman whose part 2 and spin-off series DC’s Penguin which is now delayed up to 2024 due to the Writers Guild of America Strike. There are other projects of DC Universe that are also going hold for the WGA which you have to wait up to one year but there are some other projects already in the other process.

‘The Flash’ helmer Andy Muschietti to direct new Batman film
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The New Batman Film and Other Works of Andy Muschietti with Warner Bros

Andy Muschietti has already directed many films under Warner Bros is one of the popular Horror movie series IT which is based on Stephen King’s book whose first part was released in 2017 and the second part was released in 2019 both movies are box office hits and becomes best horror movie with The Conjuring series. 

Andy Muschietti is also working on the upcoming series titled Welcome to Derry which is prequel series of the IT movie series which is also based on Stephen King’s novel. Despite the Writers Guild Strike the shooting of the series has going on in Toronto since May 2023.

Warner Bros Production Company it’s famous for its horror franchise such as the Conjuring movie series, IT film series, and the recent movie Evil Dead Rise. After, The Flash film Andy Muschietti’s next superhero movie will be the new Batman film also titled Brave and Bold which is also based on the DC Comics storyline The Batman: Brave and Bold.

DC Upcoming Film Along With New Batman Film

New Batman film will be direct by Andy Muschietti
(Warner Bros)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, New Batman Film is confirmed and directed by Andy Muschietti. Along with that, there are other films that are confirmed and are now in the development process such as Superman Legacy, Joker 2, The Batman, and The Authority. After, The Flash the DCEU movie titled The Blue Beetle whose trailer is available on Youtube.

The Blue Beetle movie which first appeared on the big screens and is directed by Angel Manuel Soto will be released in the theaters on August 18, 2023, in English and other languages worldwide.

The Flash movie has gotten mixed reviews from the audience and critics the IMDb rating of The Flash is 8 out of 10. If you haven’t watched The Flash movie then go and watch the flash in the theaters near you.

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