DC hopes ‘The Flash’ crosses ‘The Transformers’ box office collection

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The Flashreleased this Friday, is already roaring at the box office. The movie was supposed to be releasing pre-covid is finally out in the theatres. The DC owner James Gunn is eagerly waiting for the movie to break the box office record, surpassing The Transformers 3. ‘The Justice League‘ spin-off looks more promising to earn overseas than in native country.

DC hopes 'The Flash' crosses 'The Transformers' box office collection
Ezra Miller in The Flash (2023)/Warner Bros.

The Flash box office collection

The Flash’ did have a great start and viewers have given the movie positive reviews to date but when it comes to the collection at the box office, the movie seems to become lukewarm with 70-75M dollars. Many box office critics have pitched forThe Flash‘ to be crossing the $100 million mark but does it seem to be crossing such a huge number?

DC hopes 'The Flash' crosses 'The Transformers' box office collection
The Flash (2023)/Warner Bros.

According to Deadline– There are two other wide releases aimed at non-fanboys: Disney/Pixar’s Elemental with around $35M (possibly even $40M+), and Lionsgate’s Tim Story-directed horror comedy The Blackening, which is looking at $6M-$8M U.S./Canada. Also, strong holds are expected for Transformers: Rise of the Beasts and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, earning potentially $30M apiece. Juneteenth is Monday, June 19, with 97% of colleges and K-12 schools off; that day is looking to provide another boost to the box office.

But James Gunn is hopeful and states-‘probably one of the greatest superhero movies ever made,”- according to Deadline.

Why The Flash seems to fail at the box office?

In an earlier buzz about Shannon disposing upon the Batman story, ‘The Flash‘ also seem to falling in that direction that the true projection of the comic based movie seems to unappealing and boring. During the Flash media tour, not most of the cast were present on certain events.

Michael Keaton was expected to show up at the Hollywood premiere for the film but was busy with shooting Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice 2 for Warner’s in the United Kingdom. Ezra Miller was first spotted at the premiere since his legal troubles. Furthermore, the WSA strike also called up on social media. But the overseas market seems to be more promising than others.

Presumably, the $85M-$95M range in the overseas release will bring the movie back in competition. It will be seen competing with Quantomania and Black Adam.

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