Why the Industry Specific Standard Subscription developed by Nimonik is important in any industrial landscape

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The industrial world is a landscape and it is a dynamic one. As an ecosystem, the industrial world is governed by certain regulations, standards, and laws. As one of three important aspects of external liability in an industry, industry standards may change with changes in the industry itself.

These standards may differ across media and therefore may vary from one context to another. They establish the minimum conditions that a product or service must meet in order for the final result to meet minimum expectations. When it does not comply or meet minimum expectations, it can be said that a product or service “failed” and should not be sold to the public otherwise it will incur consequences or sanctions.

Regulations are a set of laws or regulations that regulate behavior and procedures, in accordance with the criteria and guidelines of a private or state institution or organization.

There are various types of standards, including product standards, namely specifications, and criteria that apply according to their characteristics. Manufacturing standards, namely criteria related to how it is made, which can be further divided into management system standards and functionality standards.

Compliance with regulations aims to ensure the value, quantity, and characteristics of products, manufacture, labeling, and handling of raw materials and finished products, to ensure the quality and safety of consumer products in accordance with established standards.

However, not all companies understand or are able to standardize every aspect of their production, especially when faced with the obligation to comply with international standards. Setting international standards has proven difficult due to the variety of circumstances that exist in the world. In response to this diversity, international environmental and social standards are often normative, that is, general standards or guidelines used as a framework by local standards-setting bodies or by certification bodies, which formulate more specific standards.

Basically, efforts to comply with standards in the modern industrial world are quite complex and in many cases (if not all) require systematic compliance management.

And that’s the reason why many companies now stick to Industry Specific Standard Subscriptions. Industry Specific Standards Subscription is an access service to standards databases from standards development organizations and in this context, Nimonik inc. provides the best.

With Nimonik’s Industry Specific Standards Subscription, any company can gain access to a database of standards from more than 30 standards development organizations. The largest to date like most similar services only offer access to the standards databases of around 10 to 20 standards development organizations.

The access offered by Nimonik is user-friendly because with just a few clicks, users or in this case client companies can gain access to at least 200 thousand kinds of standards! Anyone can compare with the access provided by other similar services and it is very unlikely that there will be a service with as extensive access as Nimonik offers. 

Not only does it have broad access to hundreds of thousands of standards, Nimonik enables what could be called the distribution of standards across multiple locations and staff within the enterprise ecosystem so that specific parts of a company can focus solely on the specific standards that are their domain. Thus, the management system for compliance with standards can be further improved with centralized efforts.

Nimonik provides other conveniences, which are no less important, namely the feature of downloading industry standards into PDF format and distributing them to all members of the compliance management team. Once again, this is an effort to segment the division of tasks.

The solution provided by Nimonik for compliance with standards is an integrated solution in the sense that the external standards that must be complied with are attempted not to conflict with the company’s internal standards. In other words, Nimonik’s Industry Standard Subscription is a solution to comply with industry standards in a well-systemized platform.

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