When will Avatar 3 be released? The theatrical release is already fixed and the waiting time is this time also much shorter

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Avatar: The Way of Water is currently thrilling cinemagoers. But when will part 3 be released? We have all the important information on the sequels to the science fiction series for you.

We had to wait 13 years for the theatrical release of Avatar: The Way of Water. But now the time has finally come: James Cameron‘s hotly anticipated sci-fi sequel has been conquering the big screen since last week and takes us to the breathtaking (underwater) world of Pandora, where whales and Na’vis meet.

In 192 minutes, an epic adventure unfolds before our eyes, with a touching family story and plenty of action. But when and how does this story continue? Here you can find all the important information about the theatrical release of Avatar 3 and the other planned sequels.

When will Avatar 3 be released?

Avatar 3 will be released in cinemas on December 18, 2024. This means that the waiting time will be much shorter this time than for the previous part. Instead of 13 agonizingly long years, we’ll only have to wait two years until we can return to Pandora. And the best thing is: The timetable for the films after that is already set.

Here you can watch the trailer for the Avatar 2 movie:

Cameron has been extensively tweaking the Avatar future. Now that The Way of Water has been released, it’s all coming thick and fast. At two-year intervals, the three planned sequels will hit theaters. If the current film meets box office expectations, the Avatar timetable looks like this:

  • Avatar 3 opens in theaters on December 18, 2024
  • Avatar 4 opens in theaters on December 16, 2026
  • Avatar 5 opens in theaters on December 20, 2028

Are Avatar 3, 4 and 5 really coming to theaters?

The future of the Avatar series depends on the success of The Way of Water. But don’t panic: We won’t be left with a loveless hulk. The third part is already completely shot and is definitely coming to theaters – no matter what. Cameron has constructed the story in such a way that the series can be concluded with Avatar 3 without feeling like an abortion.

Still, the filmmaker is definitely planning on Avatar 4 and 5, not the least of which is that he has already shot scenes for Avatar 4. The reason for this is the young actors:ins who are aging fast. According to producer Jon Landau, we can expect more Pandora biomes with each new film. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he elaborates:

Each movie will introduce audiences to new clans and new cultures on Pandora. Once we introduce a character, they remain part of the ongoing storyline. […] So you can expect to see the Metkayina clan [from Part 2] in later films. Then in Avatar 3, there will be new clans that will appear in Avatar 4, and so on.

Avatar: The Way of Water

One new clan is known: In Avatar 3, we will meet the Ash People, who are closely associated with the element of fire. Unlike the peaceful Omatikaya and Metkayina, this new clan is warlike in nature. Thus, the villains in Avatar 3 will also come from the Na’vi ranks. The world of Pandora becomes more complex.

Avatar Casting: For the upcoming Avatar films, the cast will be expanded again. After the recent additions of Kate Winslet, Cliff Curtis and Edie Falco, Michelle Yeoh, David Thewlis and Oona Chaplin are on the call sheet for the next adventures.

However, we won’t just be spending time on the paradisiacal planet in the sequels. In Avatar 5 at the latest, Earth is also to play an important role. And should there still be a demand for Avatar films after that, Cameron would have ideas for parts 6 and 7, as he revealed to The Hollywood Reporter.

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